Saturday, May 12, 2018

Disillusions, Illusions, and Independence

The Sheriff knew better than to ask questions, so he sat behind his desk quietly waiting for Reeza to speak. She gently placed 3 cards on the Sheriff's desk, all face down.

"Sheriff, something will occur soon."

She turned over the first card. "The 5 of Cups foretells deceit and disillusions. Someone is not honest and is hiding something. When revealed, it may hurt several people."

She turned over the second card. "The 7 of Swords, the unmasking of an illusion. This deceit will be revealed."

Reeza looked at the Sheriff, staring into his eyes. "You will listen to Reeza if you are wise." She turned the third and last card over. "The Queen of Swords - foretells independence, freedom of mind and soul." She paused. "This surprises me, for it foretells happiness that goes with freedom."

"Anything else I need to know?" the Sheriff asked. Ignoring his question, Reeza stood, turned to leave, and let out her blood curdling scream. By the time the Sheriff got to Mary Lou's desk there was no Reeza in sight.

"No one believes me but she gets to the door and is gone. The door never opens." said Mary Lou, looking toward the door.

"Oh, I believe you.  Trust me, I believe you. I've stopped doubting any of her nonsense a while back."

"What did she have to say?"

The Sheriff turned to walk back into his office. "That some deceitful person is going to hurt someone else. But, the illusion will pass and then someone will be free and happy." Before he got to his office door, he turned back to look at Mary Lou."Someone is going to get hurt by a lie, then there will be no lie and someone will be free and happy." He laughed. 

"Heck, that could refer to the weddings this past weekend. Think about it, Mike hid the wedding planning from Bunny. That was deceit. When she learned about the wedding - all was revealed. Then Mike felt better because he was no longer having to deceive Bunny."

Sheriff stuck his head out of his office. "You cannot be serious?"

"It works."

"Well what about Kathleen and Jeb making secretive wedding plans, keeping it all from Dixie. Then their marriage was revealed at Mike and Bunny's wedding."

"So where does the independence come in?"

"Kathleen not living with Dixie anymore?"

"One problem,  all of our ideas are in the past. Reeza generally foretells the future."

"Maybe she was late and whatever she is foretelling only already partially started."

"I'm clueless. I have yet to figure out what her smoke and mirrors mean.  I think she just likes playing with my head."

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