Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Just One of the Girls

Without turning around, Bunny yelled back,"Kathleen, give me a minute. I need to put Bootsy back in the house before she gets into more trouble."

"Oh, don't do that. Trouble? I can't imagine her causing any trouble.  She is too cute."

"Just give me minute," Bunny was able to say again as reached the front door. With her one free hand she reached for the door knob, hoping she would not drop Bootsy from the other hand in the process. Just as she turned the door knob, the door gave way and she found herself falling. 

As it was, Mike had been opening the door from the other side to go out, at the same time she was trying to get in. He caught Bunny and Bootsy as they fell into the doorway. Bootsy scampered off. When Bunny got her balance and stood up, she saw that Mike had pink icing on the front of his blue dress shirt. Mike looked down at the confectionery mess."Why do I have icing on me and you don't have any on you?

"It's a long story?"

Just then Kathleen walked in. "Bunny, I just wanted to tell you everything looks just wonderful. I don't know how you did it . . " She stopped and looked at Mike. "Oh, my goodness, what happened to you?"

Mike just smiled, "It's a long story. You two talk while I go change." 

As Mike walked into the kitchen, there sat Bootsy, obviously the guilty party.  The pink icing on her face being the first clue. "So it was you." Mike said as he picked her up and took her to the sink. He washed the icing off her face. "I wish you could talk. I bet there's a good story here. If you were a cat, I'd swear you ate the canary. But since you're a dog, it looks more like you got into the wedding cake. Thank God, you're a tiny little thing so that was not the case." 

Mike dried Bootsy's face off as much as he could and put her on the floor. "Now scoot, and try to stay out of trouble." Mike just shook his head and said to himself, 'God only knows what happened there' as he went to change his shirt. 

Meanwhile, Kathleen and Bunny were chatting in the hall. Bootsy came up behind Bunny from the kitchen. Kathleen gave a little laugh. "Bootsy, you little scamp. What have you gotten yourself into now?"

Bunny froze, 'Dear God!', she thought, 'How do I explain this?' Before Bunny could say anything, Kathleen was leaning down to pick Bootsy up. Bunny screamed, "Kathleen, don't do that!"

Kathleen already had Bootsy in her arms. She turned around and looked at Bunny, "What in the world? She has always been the sweetest little dog. Haven't you?" Kathleen said as she rubbed Bootsy's wet head. It was then, for the first time, Bunny realized that the icing was gone. She was totally relieved, at least for the next ten seconds or so.

That was when Kathleen, holding Bootsy, opened the front door and said,"Come on, there's one thing I want to see - that damn wedding cake my Mama went on and on about. Daddy told me he had it delivered here." She turned to Bunny. "Let's go see it, before anyone arrives."

"OK, but let's leave Bootsy in the house."

"Oh no," said Kathleen as she made her way across the porch and down the front porch steps, "Bootsy is just one of the girls. I'll bet she's as curious as we are. She might even want a taste of it."

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