Thursday, May 17, 2018

No, She is Bat Shit Crazy

"Was that Reeza I just passed in the parking lot?" Mike asked as he walked into the Station.

"You saw her?" asked  Mary Lou. "Sometimes I think she disappears into thin air."

The Sheriff walked up to Mary Lou's desk to hand her a form he needed filed. "Yes, that was Reeza," he said very annoyed. "She warned me that someone would lie, the truth would be told, and they would feel free."

"Huh," said Mike. "You just never know what she is going to tell you."

"She comes in here throwing down cards with cups and swords and knives on them. I think she is nuts." The Sheriff paused, "No, make that she is bat shit crazy."

Mary Lou added,"My old grandmother would say Reeza is 'touched'!"

"Touched? Hell, that's putting mildly."

"Haven't her predictions been true?" Mike asked.

"Yes, but only after the occurrence of the event. Before that, it is all smoke and mirrors."

"So, you don't take her prognosticating seriously?"

"Sure I do. Jesus, she talked in riddles. How the Hell am I supposed to know who is going to be deceitful, that we would be enlightened, and then which one will be free?"

"Okay, if you feel that way." Mike continued," Personally, I find her fascinating."

"Good then she can share her Voodoo riddles with you next time."

Mike laughed, "Moving on, what's the situation with Tula?"

"She's in jail, she has an attorney, and isn't talking."


"Yeah, she's back there."

"Maybe Tula was who Reeza was talking about?"

"I hope not. Sure she lies and I hope to find the truth but, God help me, if she is set free."

The phone rang on Della's desk. She answered it, put the call on hold, and told the Sheriff the call was for him. The Sheriff returned to his office to take the call.

"Mary Lou, what's your take on Reeza?"

"So far she has been right, so I kinda think we should pay attention to what she says."

"If we knew exactly what she is talking about."

Mary Lou and Mike shared a laugh as he made his way to his desk.

After leaving Ed's where they had had their morning coffee, Rayanne and Ella walked down Main street. Rayanne thought maybe she and Ella should go to Colleen's house. "You know, Ella, to show our support," said Rayanne.

"No, we promised we would not get involved."

"Well at least we can drive by her house."

"For what?" asked Ella. "To make sure it has not burned down? Honestly Rayanne, we have to wait and see what happens. It's not our business." Ella was serious and added, "Besides we both have hair appointments in about 10 minutes."

With that the 2 ladies turned toward Millie's Cut and Curl. When they walked into the salon, Luellen was under the hair dryer. Millie and Blanche were in an animated conversation while Millie cut Blanche's hair.  Millie looked up and spoke to the ladies.

"What's going on?" asked Rayanne.

Ella should have expected no less from Rayanne. Keeping a secret had always been her major weakness. Before anyone could answer Rayanne's question, Ella walked over to look at Blanche. "Oh, honey that new hairdo suits you well."

They all made small talk until Millie was finished with Blanche. "Okay ladies, who is first?" Millie asked as she swept the hair from under the chair. Ella suggested Rayanne go first. So Rayanne took the seat, Millie put a drape over Rayanne's dress, and clipped it in the back. As she started combing out Rayanne's hair, Millie asked,"Have y'all seen . . .?"

But she never finished her question because Rayanne blurted out, "Oh, God, isn't it horrible. And, poor Haynes, surely he didn't know." She looked at Millie in the large mirror in front of her, "And her family or his family . . ."

Millie stopped and looked at Rayanne in the mirror. "What, my dear, are you talking about? I was asking about that new movie with Candice Bergen in it. It is showing in Mobile and I want to go see it. I thought it may be fun to get a group together, drive to Mobile, and have dinner and a movie."

Hoping the topic had changed, Ella spoke up, "Oh, Millie that would be so much fun. I'm available any day this week. Wouldn't that be fun Rayanne?"

Realizing she had 'slipped' a bit, Rayanne followed Ella. "Oh, that would be grand. Count me in."

The remaining time of the ladys' appointments were filled with idle gossip, mainly about the weddings over the previous weekend. Ella was relieved the conversation never got back to Rayanne's comments.

At Colleen's house, Cordelia had left Haynes and Colleen standing at the front door. Colleen felt as if her world had ended. This was her greatest nightmare.

Haynes asked, "May I come in?"

"Oh, of course," Colleen said as she stepped inside. Haynes followed her.

Before she could say anything, Haynes started, "How could you keep this from me? I'm sure you had your reasons, but it really wasn't fair."

Colleen puddled up, "Oh, Haynes, it was never the right time. I never thought this would happen to me?"

"Have this published in a newspaper?"

"No, fall in love with someone as special as you. I know I should have told you, but I didn't want it to end." Colleen sat down on the sofa. "I don't think I have ever been so happy as I am with you."

Haynes sat down next to her and took her hand in his, "My dear, why should it end?"

"Because, I am sure you are humiliated? What could be worse than finding out someone you spent a lot of time with was not what she said she was?"

"I can only imagine the angst you have been going  through. Don't you understand, this doesn't make any difference to me. You have made me live again."

"But, what about everyone talking and what they will say?"

"Oh, some will talk. But, only until a scandal erupts and their attention turns elsewhere. The best lesson I ever learned was that love can overcome most obstacles. I remember when Parker sat Blair and me down to tell us he was gay. It took Blair a while to come to grips with it. Personally, she just saw it as the end of her dream of grandchildren." Haynes laughed.

"I was fine. Having a gay child was not something I had spent a great deal of time thinking about. But, there was Parker and he was still Parker. I still loved him. In some ways, he is my best friend." He paused. "Then he and Bob fell in love and every concern I had was gone. They were happy and that was what mattered. Besides, they can always adopt."

Colleen wiped her eyes with a tissue,"Have they ever talked about that?"

"No, but that doesn't mean a father cannot hope and pray." Haynes laughed again.

"But, that is different. Having a gay child is one thing, but having . . ."

"Having a transsexual, or whatever, as the love of my life, is not an issue. It may be everyone else's problem, but that is none of their business."

He looked at her, "Colleen, I love you for you. Together we can get past this." He smiled,"I still think you are one of the most striking and interesting women I had ever met."

Colleen was speechless. Then she spoke. "I moved here so I could get out of Mobile, but still be close enough to, hopefully, see Wells. This was my new life. No one knew the old me.  I was able to be me - for the first time. I was who I wanted to be. Literally, it was the first time I ever felt comfortable in my skin."

"I love you - the Colleen who has bewitched me since I first saw her. And you, Colleen Cantrell, are the only 'Colleen' I know."

Colleen just sat there. "Thank you, but I have to face everyone else now."

Haynes just said,"Trust me, now you will know who your true friends are. The rest can go to Hell as far as I'm concerned."

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