Friday, May 11, 2018

Oh Dear, It Cannot be True

"What do we do?" asked Della.

"I wonder if she knows?" added Vivian.

"Y'all it's better for us to act as if we have not seen this, it never existed and hope no one else sees it," said Bunny.

"I would never want anyone to think I would spread idle gossip. I just had to show it to someone. I knew you girls would know what to do." said 'Miss' Ella still looking down at the paper.

"Maybe we can just contain it among us. And until we hear something else, just keep quite." Vivian suggested.

Bunny and Della agreed. "If we can keep this under wraps, hopefully it will go away." added Della.

She looked at Bunny who was just standing there as if she were in a trance. "Bunny, are you okay?"

Without looking up, Bunny just quietly said, "I just can't imagine this is true. It can't be."

Vivian added, "That's not anything for us to worry about."

The office door opened and the jingle of the bells, got everyone's attention. Della stepped forward, " 'Miss' Rayanne, what can we do for you?"

"Oh, dear, dear, it cannot be true."

"What cannot be true? That picture in the Afternoon Daily Press was just unfortunate. We all have done something we regretted after having too much to drink." Della said.

"Oh, I'm not talking about that picture of Dixie, we all saw that when it happened. That's no secret. I want to see the other picture Ella called me about." Rayanne quickly moved to the desk they were all standing around and looked at the paper. "Oh, dear it is worse than I thought."

"Now Rayanne, we are going to keep this quiet. Hopefully no one else will see the paper. and maybe it will go away." Della said firmly.

"Away? That just doesn't go away," Rayanne said almost in shock.

"Well I meant that hopefully the time will pass before anyone else learn's about this."

Everyone was quiet. Then the bells on door rang again as it was flung open. Luellen Wadsworth walked in. "Oh, Ella, I thought I would find you here, I came as fast as I could."

The girls turned and looked at 'Miss' Ella. "How many people did you tell?"

"Just these 2. They are my best friends. I couldn't know something like this and not share with my best friends."

"Well", said Della as she folded up the newspaper that was open on the desk. "Now that we have that behind us, I am going to shred this. The last thing we need is any evidence."

'Miss' Ella stammered, "Oh, don't do that. There are some articles and recipes in that paper I need to read."

"I'm sorry 'Miss' Ella but this is the only way we are going to keep this as contained as possible." With that Della took the paper into the work closet. They all could hear the grinding of the paper shredder. 

"Let's just not discuss this anymore. I have work to do." said Vivian. She added, "It was great seeing the 3 of you. Take care, and, please just forget about this."

The ladies reluctantly left. As they walked out Della asked Vivian and Bunny, "You think they can keep this to themselves?"

With no hesitation, they both said "No".

Della headed for the door, "I'll be back."

"Where are you going?"

"To buy every copy of the Afternoon Daily Press I can get my hands on."

Earlier, Bunny had emailed as many folks as she could remember to ask them to please share with her any wedding pictures they had from the Chateau on Saturday. Surprisingly, several folks had responded quickly with photo files. Bunny was thrilled. She texted Mike and let him know that she had some wedding pictures.

Bunny also made a list of things she needed to change since she was now 'Mrs. Bunny V. Pace'. This was going to take awhile. Funny, she never thought about changing her name. The name 'Bunny Wells' was not something she ever thought about. Each time she said 'Pace', she just smiled.

Meanwhile at the Station, Mary Lou laughed to herself as she saw Reeza walk through the door. "Ah, Reeza, haven't seen you in a while."

"Haven't had a reason to leave the woods until now. Is the Sheriff in?"

By this time, Mary Lou had already stuck her head into the Sheriff's office to tell him Reeza was here. The Sheriff came out to greet her. "Haven't seen you in a while. Come on in." He held the door as Reeza floated in with her purple caftan and black gele.

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