Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Real Game of Clue

When everyone had been interviewed and most had gone home, the Sheriff and Mike sat down at one of the tables. Mike started the conversation. "Okay, there's a new wrinkle." He told him about seeing Reeza in the garden and her disappearance.

Rascal said, "Great! What the hell was she doing here?" He shook his head. "I guess we need to find her and see what she knows." He made a note and continued. 

"Hollis says it was definitely an overdose, but we need to wait on the blood test. He should have that tomorrow. If she was poisoned, someone had to have access to one of her drinks or her food."

"So we think it was someone sitting close to her?"

"Not necessarily"

"Hell, it could have happened anywhere. Think about it, all the guests moved through the house, on the patio, in the garden. There were the drinks being served at the bar. The guests were served hor d'eurves before dinner. Champagne was served on the patio. Then, of course, everyone sat down for dinner."

"Well, we know what table she was sitting at, so I think we need to work from there."

"Okay, we have what Cuervo told us."

"Tell me about that."

"A man and lady talking in the garden." Mike opened his notebook. "Cuervo said he heard the lady say, 'I've considered killing her'. He remembered she was wearing a brown dress. I looked around and Stella Marlboro was the only lady I saw wearing a brown dress."

"Stella, as in Madison's widow? She was here with Hollis."

"She was. I checked the seating chart. Their table was no where close to where the murder happened."

"We need to be serious here. Paten said he heard Adair Butler telling Charlotte Beauregard that she planned to kill someone. Charlotte tried to talk her out of it, and what did Adair say?"

Mike looked at his notes, "That she deserved to die."

"Where were Stella and Charlotte sitting?"

Mike checked his notes again. "Funny, they were not sitting at the same table. Stella and Hollis were sitting with Iris, Mercer, Betty Jean Wilson, Finch, 'Miss' Cordelia, and Belva"

"Wait, Cordelia told me something about their table." He flipped the pages of his notebook. "She said that it came up at dinner that Stella had arranged who was to be seated at their table."

"She changed the chart?"

"No, Cordelia says that she called Pearce before the dinner." The Sheriff was quiet for a moment. "And, you're are sure about that?"

"I don't think Cordelia would say that without it being true."

"That's interesting, but my guess is that Stella was referring to Betty Jean." He realized Mike did not know what he was talking about. "It was an open secret that Madison had been having a 'little afternoon delight' with Betty Jean for years. Stella did not learn about it until after Madison died."

"That's weird. If that were the case, why would she have changed the seating to have Betty Jean at her table?"

"Who knows, but see if Pearce can remember the original seating arrangement." He looked at his notes. "Then there is what you learned from the server - the older lady."

"Yep," and he looked back at his notebook, "She said she overheard a man and woman talking quietly at their table. According to her, the man said something like, 'If I could kill you right now, I would'."

"The woman said, 'If you're gonna kill anyone, kill her'."

"And, we have no idea who 'her' is?"

"No, but the server said the lady was a wearing a pink gown with pearls. That would have been Dixie Quinton."

"Huh," the Sheriff mulled as he looked at his notes.

"Dixie and Harrell were sitting at what table?"

"The same one where she was killed, Table 7."

"Were they sitting next to her?"

"Nope, across the table."

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Then we come to Adair Butler and Charlotte Beauregard and their little discussion."

Mike shook his head. "Hell, my guess is that Professor Plum did it with the candle stick in the library."

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