Sunday, June 10, 2018

Anger Shows No Appreciation

The Sheriff decided he needed to talk to Reeza. The only way to see her was to find her. He told Mary Lou and Mike. "I'm headed to the bayou."

"I'll notify your next of kin," laughed Mike.

The Sheriff gave him a smile, "Seriously?"

Mike and Mary Lou laughed as Rascal walked out.

He had not even gotten to his car when he saw Reeza standing there. "I was on my way to see you."

Without smiling, Reeza said, "I know."

Rascal just stood there, "How? How did you know that."

"It's in the cards."

The Sheriff shook his head and walked back into the Station, Reeza a few steps behind. Mary Lou and Mike just watched them go into his office. As he walked behind his desk, he asked, "Okay what's up?"

Reeza stood there. "Anger shows no appreciation."

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Reeza laughed, "Hurt my feelings? Seriously? I just demand respect."

Trying to rescue the situation, "Reeza, sorry I'm being short. Hell, you know what has been going on. It hasn't been a picnic around here."

She moved the chair closer to the Sheriff's desk and sat down. From out of no where, she pulled out 3 cards. "The cards speak for themselves."

She placed one on the desk. "The 5 of Cups - deception. Someone, I see a female, was experiencing treachery or deceit. She was hurt."

Reeza pulled out another card and placed it on the Sheriff's desk. "The Tower card - sign of anger and revenge."

The Sheriff just watched, knowing he best not say anything. Reeza continued, "The 3rd card." She placed it on his desk. "Death, there will be death as a result of the deception and revenge."

Reeza paused for moment. "Wait, 1 more."

She placed a final card on his desk. 'The Ace of Swords'. Ah, a change, there was a change in feelings." She looked up. Her eyes were green and almost glowing. "That's it."

"That's it? Damn Reeza, as usual I am more confused than before."

Reeza stood, wrapped her caftan around her. She moved out of the office so quickly she was gone before the Sheriff could get around his desk. By the time the Sheriff got to door, Reeza was no where to be seen. "Where'd she go?"

Mary Lou laughed, "Gone - gone with the wind."

"Damn it. Once again,  smoke and mirrors."

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