Friday, June 1, 2018

If I Could, I'd Kill Her Right Now

Mike and Bunny found themselves sitting with Harrell and Dixie, Colleen and Haynes, and Theo and his wife, Imogene. As they found their seats everyone greeted each other. Compliments were given to the ladies on their gowns. Bunny's response, "I love to get dressed up, I feel like a princess."

Harrell smiled,"Well, Bunny you truly look like one this evening." Bunny was wearing a beautiful sapphire blue dress. She had chosen a chandelier style necklace, dripping in yellow and blue sapphires and diamonds, that draped from her neck. However, it was the diamond tiara she was wearing that most likely prompted Harrell's compliment.

Colleen was wearing a brilliant emerald green duponi silk ankle length sheath. It was off the right shoulder. A sash dropped down her back from her shoulder and draped about 12 inches on the floor. Her only jewelry were diamond earrings and a heavy gold chain bracelet. When she saw Bunny, Colleen commented on her necklace. Bunny explained where it came from. "I wish I had known you wanted something to wear with your dress tonight. There are lovely gold and diamond chokers, an emerald necklace, rubies, and pearls." She added.

"Oh you are so sweet to offer, but I couldn't wear such jewelry. I would never enjoy myself for fear of loosing it."

"Well, I was that way at first, then I realized it wasn't doing anyone any good just staying in the lock box."

Bunny and Colleen continued their conversation until Haynes returned to the table and took his seat between them. Imogene who was sitting opposite Bunny, also complimented her on her jewelry. Bunny thanked her. Mike added,"It took me a while to find a girl who had a tiara." That brought laughs from the entire table with the acceptation  of Dixie, who was scowlling.

Dixie was offended. "You realize that you are wearing the family jewelry of the Mary, the late wife of poor Harrison, the man you duped into leaving you all his wealth. I don't know what you did. God, I can only imagine."

Imogene and Colleen were paying close attention to the conversation. Not privy to any of the history here, Colleen found it curious. Finally Imogene quietly commented to Colleen, "Those were Mary's family pieces. If Harrison did not want Bunny to wear them, he wouldn't have given them to her." She paused as looked across the table at Bunny. "He loved both of those women so much."

Imogene turned to Dixie, making sure everyone at the table heard her and calmly said, "Mary treasured her jewelry . I can remember her wearing them on fancy occasions. But, I'm sure if she knew how happy you made Harrison, she would be thrilled to see you wearing her jewelry."

Dixie had had just enough to drink, "Imogene seriously. Can you imagine what Mary would say if she saw this harlot wearing her family jewels."

Harrell was humiliated. Quietly he said, "Dixie, that's enough."

"Harrell seriously, you know her mother runs a whore house. The apple does not fall too far from the tree."

'She has gone too far this time', thought Harrell. 'If I can just get through this evening.'

Colleen, trying to make light of the situation, she spoke up. "This house is incredible. I would love to know the history behind it."

Mike wanting to move along also added, "It is quite a story. Of course, Pearce is the best one to talk to."

Theo spoke up, "The story about the Fitzgeralds is one I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't been a friend of Parnell Fitzgerald. I spent a lot of time here as a young boy."

Bunny picked up the  menu card that was placed at each guest's place. The menu started with a Vegan Charcuterie Board, that was followed by a salad of Plume of French Bar-le-Duc, Tomato, Mozzarella & Maple Basil. The main course was Oil Island Duck with Mulberry Mustard, Island Duck with Mulberry Mustard, Cannon of English Lamb stuffed with Wild Woodland Mushrooms and Truffles, with  a Sauce of Wild Rowan Berries.

"Y'all I can't even pronounce the names of this food. Part of it is in French."

Harrell laughed, "This is quite the menu."

Also reading the menu, Colleen smiled. "I haven't seen a menu like this since I dined at restaurants in New York."

Mike being funny, "Well, the way I read it we are having a vegetable appetizer, a cheese and tomato salad followed by duck."

Just then the first course were served.

Everyone at the table shared pleasant conversation while they enjoyed their food and the different wine that was served with each course.

Harrell laughed, "Mike, I appreciate your translation, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue what I have been eating."

"Everything is so good, I didn't need know what I was eating," Mike quipped.

"Oh, my God, look at this," Colleen said as the dessert, a coconut iceberg floats on a sea of lemon gelatin and water ice, with squash confit, mint-and-vanilla ice cream, broken chocolate cookie, and grape-syrup oil slick, was served.

Bunny looked at her plate. "I've never seen such. It is so colorful.

Dixie quietly said to Harrell as she took another sip of wine, "Honestly, I cannot believe we get stuck at the table with that bumpkin and Colleen - whatever she is."

Harrell, incensed with his wife, quietly he said, "Dixie, if you don't stop this, I may kill you."

Dixie, being as catty as ever, looked at her husband, "Me? If you are going to kill anyone, kill her."

Harrell, did not respond, but thought to himself, 'If I could kill my wife right now, God I would do it."

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