Wednesday, June 6, 2018

It Was During the First Course

Mike thanked Sam, took another look at the weeping lady, then moved on to the next guest. He knew the Sheriff wanted this wrapped up as quickly as possible. These people had been through enough, they needed to get home.

Then something caught his eye. Standing alone at the very back of the garden was someone. He quickly realized it was Reeza, dressed in her black caftan and purple gele. Mike made his way through the crowd. It wasn't a moment before he reached the garden. She was gone. Mike stood there looking around. There was no where for her to go, the entire garden was walled in.

He returned to the patio. Cordelia, was making her way through the crowd, stopping and trying to calm anyone who was visibly upset. When she came upon Mike, she asked, "How did this happen?

"We are not sure yet. Dr. Sadler says he thinks she was poisoned."

"Poisoned? Like on purpose?"

"Well that is one of the questions we need to find an answer to."

"Rascal talked with me, asked me some questions. I did not have anything to offer him. It is just so unfortunate. She was such a remarkable person."

" 'Miss' Cordelia, if you'll excuse me, I need to talk to these guests so they can go home." Cordelia smiled and Mike found someone else to speak with.

Bunny was making her way through the guests trying to find Mike. Finally she saw him across the patio talking with Kathleen and Jeb. By the time she made it through the crowd, he was moving on to another guest. 

"Mike, what happened."

Mike turned around. "We're not sure. Dr. Sadler thinks she was poisoned."

"Poisoned? How?"

"That's what we are trying find out."

"It's just hard to believe this happened. She was so special."

"I know, but we'll figure it out." They spoke for a minute. Mike assured her that he would find her as soon as they were finished talking interviewing everyone.

Pearce was standing in the doorway to the patio. 'How did this happen?' he asked himself. He looked over the crowd. 'Great, if I wanted a Murder Mystery Dinner, I could not have planned it better'.

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