Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Liquid Courage

John and Don were busy working with Pearce redoing the Japanese gardens at Cre Uisce Aer. They had found a small house to rent from Wade, just outside Gallagher on the road that led to Pearce's estate. Soon they were just another addition to Pearce's rather eclectic group of international workers.

Flora and Cora had many conversations between the 2 of them about the brothers. They ranged from anger at them for not being honest to genuine curiosity as to why they stayed around. The ladies knew they were in town but, luckily, never ran into them. 

Finally one morning Flora said, "This is stupid. Here we are by ourselves and there are 2 men here who want our company." 

Cora, always being the more hesitant of the 2 was quiet. "You mean you think we should call them? Remember Mama always told us that nice ladies did not call men on the telephone." 

"Yes she did - in the 60's. The world has changed Cora, catch up." 

"So you want to call them, and then what." 

Flora laughed, "Yes, sister. I think we should call them and invite them over. I think they would enjoy our company." 

"But Flora, what if they want to . . . , you know? What would we do?" 

Flora shook her head. "Honestly Cora, why do you think we were looking for men in the first place." 

"Not to do that?" 

"Yes. I think it is time we lived a little." Flora walked back to her bedroom and returned with 2 books. "Here," she handed them to Cora. "Read these, they will answer any questions you may have." 

Cora looked at the 2 books, " 'Women, Sex, Power and Pleasure', where did you get this from?" 

"Amazon, of course." 

"And 'Drive Him Wild, 100 Sex Tips for Women'. What are these - instructions?" 

Flora just gave her sister a wicked smile. 

Cora held the books as if they were going to bite her. "These came in the mail? What if the postman knew what he was delivering?" 

Flora laughed, "If he did, I think he would have accepted my invitation to come in for some lemonade that afternoon." 

Finally at breakfast a morning or 2 later, Flora asked, "You ready?" 

"Ready for what?'' Cora asked as she poured her cup of coffee. Then she stopped. "Oh Flora, I just can't." 

"Oh, yes you can. And, yes, we are." 

"Where do we start?" 

"Cora, you can be such a ninny." Flora shook her head. "First, I'll call them and see if they can come to dinner tomorrow night." 

"Oh, Flora . . . I just don't know." 

"Don't worry. I bought us something." Flora went to the closet, opened the door and pulled out a small flat white box. "Look at this." She opened the box and pulled out what looked like a short pink lace slip. "This should do the trick." 

Cora looked stunned. "What is that?" 

"Cora, this is a 'teddy'. Men love them. Trust me, it will help get them 'in the mood'." Flora held the piece of pink lace up to her body. "See." 

"And just where did you learn this from?" 

"It is Tip #4 in that book I gave you ." 

"Oh, dear, you are really going through with this." 

"No," Flora laughed, "We are going through with this." 

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