Saturday, June 9, 2018

Now we Know How but not Who and Why

The Sheriff got a call from Hollis. "It definitely was poison - cyanide."

"Where could someone find cyanide?

"It's not hard to find or make it yourself. It is found in almonds, apple seeds, apricot kernel, tobacco smoke, insecticides, pesticides. The list goes on. It causes almost instant death."

"Is it ingested or absorbed through the skin?"

"Both, but it is kills faster when it is digested."

"So we know 'how' but still not 'who' or 'why'." The Sheriff looked at his notes, "Well, we've narrowed the list down a bit."

"Really? Who's on the list?"

The Sheriff read off the names:

- There's Dixie Quinton, she was overheard saying "If you're gonna kill someone, kill her." And she was sitting at her table.

- Then there's Stella, who arranged who was sitting at her table. I'm sure what that was all about."

By the way, do you know why Stella changed the seating chart?"

"I had no idea that she had."

"Apparently she called Pearce before the gala and asked if he could change her table. She gave him the names she wanted at her table. Pearce made the changes."

Hollis was quiet for a moment. "That makes no sense. Betty Jean and Finch Winston were at the table. Why would she request that? You know the history there."

"Yeah, that's pretty much an open secret." He paused, "Hollis, we have a witness who saw the 2 of y'all in the garden just after the first course. According to him, Stella was very upset."

"I was trying to console her. She was having a 'little' issue sitting at the same table with Betty Jean. Which makes even less sense if she was the one who set it up."

"I'm sorry Stella was upset, but I am glad to know why." He looked at his notes. "Then Paten overheard Charlotte Beauregard trying to calm Adair Butler. He said he heard Adair say 'I'm going to kill her. I'm serious." He looked at his notes again. "Then Mike saw Belva Culler. Found her crying in the garden."

"Why is it only women on your list?"

"Because men do not carry grudges?"

Hollis was amazed. "That is some list."

"Yep, sure is."

Parker and Bob were over at Haynes' home for that evening. During the meal, Haynes told them about Colleen's visit by Reeza. He also retold the conversation he had with the Sheriff about Reeza. "What I want to know, is how in the heck did Rascal know about Reeza?" 

Parker laughed, "I'll take responsibility for that."

"How so?"

"I forget the details, but it happened one evening at Dot's."

Haynes' laughed, "That must have been an interesting conversation."

They were all quiet for a few minutes.

Parker broke the silence. "Dad, are you okay?"

Haynes hesitated, "I will be in time."

Bob offered, "You know we are here."

"And, that means a lot to me." He sighed, "God, she was special."

Bob asked with wry smile, "This may be too early, but can I have first dibs at her clothes".

"Seriously!" said Parker.

"Well it doesn't hurt to ask."

Haynes laughed, "Nothing would've made her happier." He just shook his head, smiled, and took a sip of his wine.

"Dad do they have any idea what happened. I mean who did this?"

"So far, if they know, they're not telling."

As Parker stood up to get some more wine, he commented, "Given her situation, no doubt there were some folks out there who took issue with her."

"I know there were some who never understood our relationship."

With that, they moved out to the patio with their wine. 

"I love being out here. This patio always remind me of Mom."

"She did a great job planning it. I had no idea, we would enjoy it as much as we have."

Parker smiled, "She was always ahead of us."

Haynes was quiet. He took a sip of his wine. "I have been so lucky. I've loved . . . and lost twice."

"Dad, you have to remember the good times. Live on the memories."

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