Friday, June 8, 2018

Reeza's Visit

The following morning the Sheriff answered his phone. He realized who was on the phone, "How are you holding up?"

"As best I can. My family and her family have been great. But, I'll admit I'm still a mess."

"It takes time. I'm glad you have such support."

"Me too. Any way, I thought of something. Although I'm not sure if it will help."

"Won't hurt. Shoot."

He told the Sheriff about Reeza's visit. "I haven't seen her in many years. But there was no doubt in my mind who she was based on her description." He continued, telling the Sheriff about the cards. "But, I don't remember what 2 were." He paused, "But, one was the death card."  With that he was quiet. Rascal remembered Mike seeing her in the garden.

"Believe it or not, I have had some run ins with Reeza."

"But, I thought she never left the bayou?"

"Not often, but I saught her out a while back for some help. Since then she has visited me, with her cards, several times."

"And, her interpretations are never wrong?"

"No, actually, usually she is spot on." The Sheriff gave a quiet laugh, "Of course I have to deal with all her drama, her cards, and her kooky words. Although I hear what she is saying, usually, she is less than intelligible." He paused, "We need to go on Reeza's word for the moment. I may seem bat shit crazy to do that. However, she has proved true more than once. Personally, I've never see the death card." The Sheriff paused again, "Unfortunately, I do believe her. When it is all over, you can usually understand her prediction. Of course that doesn't help after the occurrence."

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