Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Cuervo, Tell Us What You Know

Pearce made his way onto the patio. From there Mack led him to the side yard. Standing there was a boy, no more than 17 years old. "Cuervo, please tell Mr. Phinnigan what you told me."

Cuervo hesitated then started. "I was at the bar getting some extra bottles of wine during the meal. There was this man and woman talking in the garden."

"This was during dinner?"

"Yes sir, just after the first course was being served. Anyway I heard the lady say 'I've considered killing her many times'."

"Did you here any names?"

"No, that was all I heard."

Pearce asked him a few more questions. "Did you see what table she was sitting at?"

"No sir." He paused, then added, "I think she was wearing a brown long dress."

"That helps a lot. Stay here Cuervo, I think the Sheriff needs to hear this." 

Mack couldn't find the Sheriff, so he brought Mike. Cuervo repeated his story. Mike asked a few questions, got the boy's name and contact information. "Thanks for your help. You are free to go. Someone may call you later. If you think of anything else, please call the Sheriff's Station." The young man walked off. 

Mike made a few more notes then moved on to speak with another of the staff. After speaking with a few more, he learned something else.

An older lady apologized, "I'm sorry, I didn't see anything." Mike thanked her. As he turned, the lady stopped him. "Wait, there was a couple arguing." She paused, "But, I don't know if that would make a difference."

"Everything we can learn now matters."

"Well, I was serving at the next table. Generally, we are moving so fast, we aren't anywhere long enough to hear anything. But, I was taking the cover off one of the dishes when I over heard the couple talking." Mike was quiet, letting her get her story out before asking any questions. She continued, "The man told the woman next to him, I assume his wife, something like, 'If I could, I'd kill you'."

Mike calmly asked, "Do you remember what she wearing?"

"Yes, it was a pink dress. I remember because it had pearls all over it." She laughed, "I wanted to ask her how she  washed it?" Mike was quiet. "But her response was what I found odd. The lady added, something like, 'Don't kill me, kill her."

"Did you see who she was referring to?"

"No, but I figured since they were whispering, it was someone at their table."

"You don't happen to remember what table they were sitting at?"

She was quiet, like she was thinking. "It was Table 7."

"How sure are you it was that table?"

"Pretty sure, because I was serving the odd numbered tables."

Mike asked a few more questions, but she could offer no more details. He got her contact information and thanked her. "If you think of anything else, please  call the Sheriff's Station."

She said she would and walked off. 

Mike thought for a moment, that was the table where he and Bunny were sitting. Dixie had been wearing a pink dress. Mike remembered that Harrell was not happy with her. Dixie was being her fairly rude. Then Mike remembered who else was sitting at their table. He needed to find Sheriff Quitman.

When he found Rascal, the Sheriff was involved in, what looked like, a serious conversation. Mike recognized the gentleman he was talking with. It was Paten Hollingsworth. As he approached, Rascal stopped talking with Paten and turned to Mike. "Find anything?"

"Yes, think so. Two of the servers overheard some interesting conversations."

"Good, Paten thinks he overheard something also."

Mike shook Paten's hand. "Can you repeat what you told the Sheriff?"

"Of course - on my way to the men's room, there were two  women sitting in that hall just around the corner from the bathroom. As I walked pass them, I spoke, but neither acknowledged me. At that time I didn't recognize either of them. I was opening the bathroom door, when I thought I overheard something. I stopped, stood there, and listened." 

"One of them said, 'I'm going to kill her. I'm serious'." The other responded with something like, 'Certainly y'all can work this out.' The other then said, 'It's the only way I can get rid of her. He's not going to give her up'. The other one responded, 'Adair, you need to calm down and think about this.' It was then I realized it was Adair Butler who was talking."

"Did you recognize the other woman?"

"Well after I recognized, Adair, I realized that the lady she was talking to was Charlotte, Charlotte Beauregard."

"Did you hear anything else?"

 "Yes, and this part I will never forget, Adair said, 'She deserves to die a painful death'. The rest of what I heard was Charlotte trying to calm Adair down."

"And, where were Adair and Charlotte sitting? What table?"

"Well, we were at number 2, so they were at the head table - number 1."

Mike asked, "Do you remember who else was at that table?"

"It was the head table. Pearce and his friend Mack were there. The Col and Mrs. Wadsworth, then the Butlers and the Beauregards."

"This helps a lot."

"Now, understand I am not saying Adair did anything. You know how woman get their feathers in a ruffle."

The Sheriff assured Paten that there was a lot of work to do. But there were a lot of parts to this. He thanked Paten, who told the Sheriff  to call him if they needed him.

"Well, if you think of anything else, write it down, and give us a call."

"Will do." With that, Paten walked off.

Mike watched Paten make his way through the remaing guests. "I guess the good news is we got a lot of leads."

Rascal laughed. "And the  bad news is that so far they all go in a different direction."

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