Sunday, June 3, 2018

We Will, Trust Me, We Will

The Sheriff went back to the table where the guests were waiting. "Sorry about that, but I wanted to speak with him first." He didn't need to get names and contact information, he knew all of them.
He sat down and started questioning them - Did any of you notice anything? What had they discussed during dinner? Did anyone notice anything odd? How was she acting? Anything strike anyone as out of the ordinary?

As the guests spoke, he took notes on a small pad. He asked where everyone was sitting at dinner. Did anyone leave the table? He jotted down notes as he listened. When he was finished he thanked them. "You will probably hear from Mike or me in the next few days. If you remember something else, please write it down and call the station." Finally he excused them, "You can go home now."

"What about the others? Those in the yard?" one of the guests asked.

"Well we need to speak to each of them before they can leave."
Several of the guests at the table he thanked him for handling the situation. "I hope you solve this," added one of them.

"We will. Trust me, we will."

With that the Sheriff walked out to the patio. Mike and Sam were working their way through the guests, getting names and asking questions. It was going to take a while for the Sheriff, Mike, and Sam to interview everyone. While they were moving around, Sam looked at Mike, "You sure you're okay."

"I'm fine, why?"

"Well given what happened . . .?"

Mike just continued on to the next guest. Sam stood for a minute considering the situation. Then, he found another guest to speak to.

Just across the park, Mike noticed a young lady who was visibly upset. He approached her. "Can I help in any way?"

Without turning to face him, she simply said, "No."

Mike hesitated then asked, "Did you know her?"

Very firmly she said, "No, no I did not?"

Realizing she was not interested in talking with Mike, he said, "I'll leave you alone."

Without ever turning her head, she quietly said, "Thank you."
When Mike ran into Sam, he indicated the lady he had just tried to talk to. "I think we should just leave her alone for now. For some reason, she seems to be taking this hard."

"I guess so."

"What  does that mean?"

Sam explained who she was, the situation, and the relationship.
Mike just shook his head. "I knew that, I just never put the 2 together." He looked over at her again. "That's got to be tough."

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