Sunday, July 22, 2018

Fireworks Under the Oaks

Della and Sam's romantic moment was interrupted by a woman screaming "Cora! What are you doing? Seriously? And on a picnic table of all places?"

The attention of the crowd turned toward the ruckas. Flora continued, "What would Mama say? And Daddy? He would've killed you."

In the shadows of the grand oaks, lit only by the white lights strung around the area, Cora was trying, although very clumsily, to put her shirt back on. Don was pulling his pants up. Meanwhile John was trying his best to calm Flora down. The mumurs from the crowd were more of being entertained than being aghast. The reality of the situation had mothers quickly gathering their children, trying to shield their innocent eyes. 

Ella stepped forward, "Folks, there is free pound cake over here for everyone," pointing in the opposite direction, trying her best to get the crowd's attention. A few turned and moved, but a majority stood there, hoping the show would go on.

Realizing most of the town was watching her, Cora gave a demure smile and giggled. Don just stood there with a shit eating grin on his face. Walter, who was standing in the back of the crowd, shook his head. To no one in particular, he said, "Guess there is hope for us old geezers after all." Ike laughed, turned with Walter, and the 2 walked back to the bar.

Barbara Birch tugged on Jerry's shirt sleeve. "See, I told you this place is a bit 'odd' at best." Even for Gallagher this site was a bit unreal. Jerry took it all in. Here was this seventy or so year old half dressed lady, who had been caught with an older man, canoodling on a picnic table. The most interesting part was that this lady seemed nonplussed by the 'exposure'.

As the crowd finally started dispersing, Ella walked up to John. "Maybe you should take Flora home."

"Me?" said Flora is disgust, "What about that floozy of a sister I have?"

Ella put her arm around Flora and looked at John. "I think Cora can take care of herself." She looked at John, "Call me if you need me. Ella handed him one of her calling cards with her number on it. 

Ella paused went back to the cake table to see if Lue Ellen needed help. On her way she heard Vinia Mae McNissis ask, "Mommy, what were they doing? Why was that lady just getting dressed?" When her mother did not reply, the little one continued, "And, why was everyone looking at them?"

Thinking quickly, her mother, Corina, replied, "Oh dear, they were not looking at Miss Eldridge", she paused and added, "and her friend. Didn't you hear them announce it was time for the fireworks. Who do you know who wants to miss fireworks?"

The little girl shook her head, "Seriously Mama? No one can see fireworks standing under the trees." She shook her head and declared, "I'm going to get some cake."

Corina turned and followed her child, thinking, 'Oh, there were fireworks alright!'

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