Thursday, August 9, 2018

Big Puffy Sleeves and Crinoline

Over lunch at the Cafe, Della and Sam were working on the wedding plans. They figured the church could seat 250 at most, so they were only going to send out 125 invitations. "Do you think your mother will be okay with, maybe, 50 of those?" asked Della.

"50 for Texas? Oh no. Let's give her 25 at most. Trust me if she wants more, she'll ask. Then we can started dickering."

"25 it is. Will you let her know?"

Mike looked at Della, "Are you trying to avoid her?

"No, not at all. I would just rather stay clear of the 'invitation' issue."

"Fair enough, I'll add that to my list."

"Thanks sweet heart. Now, I want Luellen to bake the wedding cake. I've already discussed some ideas with her."

"Luellen? Don't you want Bernerd to create one of his masterpieces for you?"

"Are you serious?" Della said with a smile, "Ah . . . no. I have no intentions of spending 90% of my wedding budget on the cake." She continued. "Lavenia can do the flowers. I'm going to let Mama handle that. That'll keep her busy." She looked down at her list. "I have decided that I am going to ask Vivian, Bunny, and my cousin, Quintrelle, to be my bridesmaids."

"Quintrelle? Do I know her?"

"Nope, but you'll love her. Everybody does. She's something special."

They went over a few more issues - what the men were going to wear, time of the service, etc. Della looked at her watch. "I've got to get back to the office." She gathered her lists and spreadsheets.

When she reached over to kiss Sam, he reminded her, "Dot's tonight at 5:30."

"I'll be there." With that she left the cafe and headed back to the office.

Later that afternoon, she formally asked Vivian and Bunny to be in the wedding. "Just us 2?" asked Vivian.

"Oh, no. I've asked my cousin Quintrelle also."

"Quintrelle," Bunny said, "Oh, she is much fun." She turned to Vivian, "If you haven't met Quintrelle, don't worry, she is a scream. Truth is I don't know anyone else like her!"

Della took a few minutes to discuss the details she and Sam had covered at lunch. "The thought of this was daunting. But, once I got organized, it hasn't been that bad."

"What about Sam's people?"

"Thank God, he talked with his mama and explained that we wanted to get married here. I think she was a bit disappointed, but she got over it. Now, his sister, Bryson Lee, is a whole 'nuther ballgame. No doubt, she will think she is visiting a 3rd world country when she gets here."

"Can't be that bad," said Bunny as she handed Della some contracts that needed to be sent out. "I wish Mike had a sister."

"Hey, you've got me," Vivian said as she went through the mail on Della's desk.

"Oh, I know and I couldn't be prouder," Bunny said as she gave Vivian a hug.

"What about our dresses - for the wedding? Have you picked them out yet?" asked Vivian, handing Bunny her mail.

"Oh, y'all just wear whatever you want to. The wedding is going to be at 7, so whatever you choose will be formal."

"Are, you sure?" asked Bunny. "I've never been to a wedding where the bridesmaids didn't wear matching dresses. How does that work?"

"Just wear something that suits you. I just thought that would be easier for everybody." Della paused, "Besides, finding something that suits Quintrelle is almost impossible."

"If that's the way you want it, I've got some bridesmaid dresses from other weddings. One is my favorite. It's bright pink and made out of some shiny material." Bunny was getting excited thinking about it. "It has those big puffy sleeves, a big skirt with crinoline, and sequins down the front of it. You know real pretty ones that look like all different colors." She thought for a moment. "Then there is that green dress, I wore in my cousin,  Princetta's, wedding. She paused, tapping her finger on her lips."No, on second thought that is not such a good idea."

Out of curiosity, Della asked, "Why not?"

"It's a winter dress. It's made out of green velvet with a white corset at the top. You know, one that laces up." No one else said anything, No doubt each trying to imagine this dress in their minds. Bunny continued, "And we wore these precious bonnets that tied under our chins with a big bow on the side."

Vivian giggled,"Sounds like something Little Bo-Peep would wear."

"Exactly, that is what it looked like. But we didn't carry one of those stick things she always had." Della and Vivian had to laugh. 

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