Wednesday, August 1, 2018

It's What We Can Do For You

Just like he promised, Sam called his mother about the wedding. After they had chatted about innocuous things, his mother finally asked, "Okay Sam, I know you called for more than to just discuss my garden."

"Mama, it's the wedding."

"Oh, honey, it's going to be okay. Weddings are always a bit complicated. No doubt Della is feeling the stress."

"Actually Mama, it's not Della, it's me."

"You? What in the world? Now, you don't need to worry about a thing. I told you everything would be taken care of. After all, one phone call to call Ava, Bryson Lee's wedding planner, and it will be done. She'll handle all those details."

"Mama, that's not what we want?"

"It won't to be exactly like Bryson Lee's, don't you worry. Why I know every bride is different. Of course we will make some changes. Certainly Della knows that."

"Mama, she does, and we both appreciate your generous offer. But, Della has always wanted to get married in her church, here in Gallagher."

"Well, I can understand that." She paused, then in a very genuine tone continued, "Honey, I'm sure Della's parents are wonderful people. And we look forward to meeting them - after all, soon we'll all be family. I've been the mother of the bride and I'm sure Mrs. Lee has her own guest list. Your Daddy and I will be thrilled to have as many of their family and friends as they want to invite. She doesn't have to worry about a thing. You know how we entertain."

"I know Mama, but they're not from Texas. They are from Alabama."

Marigold was serious, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with Alabama."

"The point, Mama, is that we want a small wedding here in Gallagher."

"I understand that. If that's what Della wants, then it will be Gallagher. That makes me think even more of her." Not missing a beat, Marigold asked, "And the reception?"

"Just a simple do in the church hall."

"They still have those?"

"Yes, Mama, people still have small wedding receptions."

"No, church halls? I had no idea anyone used those anymore."

"Yes, they do and yes, we are."

Marigold Peterson was quiet for a moment. Sam broke the silence, "Please don't get your feelings hurt."

"Will we be invited?" she laughed.

"Of course, you are being silly now."

"Honey, if getting married in Alabama is your only problem, I think we can live with that." She paused, "But I'm almost afraid to ask, can we invite anyone?"

"Of course, but not many. I'll get with Della and one of us will call you. But, when I say small, I mean small."

"I assume 500 or so?"

"No, Mama, we're not in Texas anymore, somewhere around 150 at most."

Sam was the apple of Marigold's eye and she was not about to make a fuss about this. Sam was in love with Della. She and Tooley, Sam's father, had found Della delightful. This was their day - however they wanted to do it. "Sam, honey, just let me know what we can do. Of course, we want to host the rehearsal dinner. Certainly, you'll let us do that?"

"Yes, hosting the dinner would be nice. Thanks Mama."

"Tell Della not to worry about a thing. Just let me know how many of our friends we can invite."

They spoke for a minute or 2 more then rang off.

That night Sam told Della about his conversation with his mother. She was very relieved. "Oh, that is great. I just didn't want to hurt her feelings."

"So now, you can plan the wedding." Sam laughed, "Just figure out how many people Mama can invite."

"Sam, I hope this works out."

"Us? The marriage? Don't you think it's a little late to start questioning that?" Mike laughed and gave Della a big hug. "Besides, if you duck out now, you have to call Marigold and tell her yourself - just saying."

"In that case, I guess I better stick to the plan. I have no desire to make that phone call!"

"Seriously, honey, what are you worried about?"

"I just don't want your parents and their friends, to come here and, . . . you know, this isn't Texas."

"Mama and Dad will be fine. They're looking forward to it. I promise."

"And, Bryson Lee, what will she think?"

"Bryson? Hell, anything more than an hour way from a Neiman Marcus is bit out of her comfort zone. Let me reword that - an hour and a half from upscale shopping, would be Bryson Lee's idea of 'roughing it'."

The following morning at Ivy Lane, Mike and Bunny were getting ready for work. Bunny had awoken feeling sick, very sick. Being the morning after their dinner with Terse and Vivian, when Mike realized just how badly she felt, he commented, "Sounds like you have the 'Terse' flu."

"But, we all ate the same things, didn't we?" Before he could continue Bunny stood up, "I've got to go back to bed. I haven't felt this bad since I ate the whole jar of marshmallow fluff when I was 10."

"A whole jar?"

"Don't make me think about it?"

"Anything I can do?"

"No, I think I'll live."

Several times that morning while at work, Mike found himself feeling queasy. 'I'm going to kill Terse if this gets any worse,' he thought.

That feeling quickly faded with the sight of Delmar and Ruthanna Flynn walking into the station. By the time the pair made it to her desk, Mary Lou had already alerted the Sheriff. He walked out of his office, "Delmar, what can I do for you?"

Before Delmar could utter a word, Ruthanna spoke up. In a very self righteous tone, she said, "It's what we can do for you."

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