Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sara, Sources, and Sandwiches

After the Colonel and Buck left, Mike and the  Sheriff sat down to review the cases they were working on. "What about the Eldridges? What the Hell was going on over there this morning?"

Mike told him about his visit earlier that day. "Mike, those women a little bit 'odd', but then I can see not wanting to have to deal with Ella and Rayanne. Those 2 women can be, well, intrusive."

Getting back to the most recent 'incident', they were comparing their thoughts when Mike said, "Wait. Buck said he saw 'Sara' Walker at the Gentleman's Club."

"He did, Sara, the Colonel's wife."

"Not so fast. I'm pretty sure the Colonel's wife's name is 'Winfred'."

"Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure, because I remember the first time I was introduced to her, I thought about my Aunt Winfred. You don't hear that name often anymore."

"Personally, I hope that is the case, would simplify this mess." The Sheriff paused, "The idea of the Colonel's wife being one of Anna Belle's girls is pretty hard to imagine. Let me get Mary Lou to check up on that." He called Mary Lou. "Can you find out what the Colonel's wife's whole name is - her middle name as well as her maiden name. And do it without anyone, especially the Colonel, knowing you are doing so."

Mary Lou told him that was no problem and went back to her desk to start calling her sources. The Sheriff never knew who the 'sources' were. He really thought it best he not know. One thing he had learned over the years was that they were very reliable.

The Eldridges sat down at their kitchen table for lunch. The menu was a BLT sandwich on Sunbeam white bread, just as they had eaten for almost every lunch over their 78 years - at least since they were old enough to eat a sandwich. Flora was still upset with Cora. "You realize you have to get married?"

"Married? Where did that come from?"

"Your dalliances with Ron - you have no other choice. After all he ‘ruined’ you."

“ ‘Ruined’ me?” Cora said laughing. “I wish he had ‘ruined’ me when I was 17. Do you really think at 78, I am ‘ruined’?”

“Certainly do, your reputation has gone to Hell in a hand basket.”

“Next you are going to tell me that no man will keep company with me now.” Cora shook her head is disbelief and took another bite of her sandwich.

“No decent one."

“Flora, you are an uptight stodgy old maid. You need to get over this?”

“Old maid? Like you are some spring chicken.”

Cora put her sandwich down on her plate. “Maybe not a spring chicken, but since I have been ‘ruined’ I don’t think I am 'old maid' anymore.” She grinned at her sister. “Can I help it if I got lucky and you didn’t?" She shook her head. "My God Flora, you are the one who started all this. I just read the book you handed me.”

“I didn’t mean for you to take it literally.”

“Then why did you give it to me? To use as a paperweight?”

Totally exasperated, Flora stood and took her plate to the sink. Not turning around, she answered, "I just didn’t want you to be a ninny. You didn’t know anything about men . . . and their ways.”

“Me? And who are you, Dr. Ruth?”

“No, you’re missing the point. It was to protect you.”

“Flora, you are missing the point. Seriously, what goes on in life, and men?” She stood with her plate. “You have no idea what it feels like to have a man . . .?”

“For God’s sake stop. I don’t need to hear the details.”

“Oh yes you do. In fact what you need is a good romp in the hay. Maybe then you’ll understood that being ‘ruined’ is not the end of the world.” Cora was quiet for a moment. She added dreamily, “You just haven’t lived until you . . .”

Flora interrupted her, "Please stop. No one needs to hear your, . . . your details.” She was totally perturbed with her sister. “Mama would be beside herself.”

“Maybe so, but given she was born in 1912 and she has been in her grave for 20 years, I doubt it."  

"But still, you know how she was.  This is not something she would approve of."

 "How do you think we got here, United Parcel.”

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