Saturday, January 5, 2019

A Little Dollup Will Do It

"You Can't Buy Love", or so they say. As most of you know I have 2 pups. There is Marshall, my rescue who, after DNA testing, I learned is a full bred full size Yorkie (and, no, that is not an oxymoron). And, Ellie, my Norwich, who after DNA testing, I learned was only 35% Norwich and 65% Cairn Terrier (ie Toto). 

And, like children, their personalities are as different as night and day. Marshall is lovable and affectionate. He always wants to be in someones lap or snuggled up next to them. He has yet to meet a ball or toy he is not willing to retrieve, every time he can con someone into throwing it - time, after time, after time.

Ellie, on the other hand, is loyal with quite the personality. She will not eat until someone roughly rubs her head (go figure!). Then she grunts, like a small pig, the entire time she is dining. In the summer, she channels her inner Miniature Portuguese Water dog (that did not reveal itself in the DNA test) and frolics in her small pink swimming pool. Luckily her wiry rough coat sheds water quickly. 

Unlike Marshall, who demands attention, Ellie can be aloof. While he is never far away, if not in your lap, Ellie will be asleep on the far sofa.  With her dark colored shaggy bangs hide her coal black eyes, don't assume she is asleep. She is surveying everything in the room. There are those times when she graces my presence and joins me on the sofa - albeit at the other end.

All that said, they are both terriers with that spunky, energetic, curious, and affectionate personality - just each in their own way. It took Ellie a while to accept Marshall, who I adopted when Ellie was 3 years old. Hoping anyone who visited was there to take him home with them, she finally accepted he wasn't going any where.  It is a love/ hate sibling affair. She will fight over one of his toys, simply to irritate him. But, more often, they are conspiring on some mission.

Stay with me here. I drink a cup or 2 of iced coffee every morning. After weeks of tweaking, I finally got the taste right by adding a few drops of cream and the right amount of Stevia. Then one morning I decided to whip the cream and add a dollop to the top of my of coffee. On a whim, I put a small amount on the tip of a finger and offered it to Ellie.  Even though it was just a tiny bit, she was beside herself. One would have thought I had given her a fresh piece of raw steak.

This was a game changer. Now after her breakfast, instead of running outside to survey the 'North 40' or settling in on the far sofa, she will come upstairs top find me. I will open the shower curtain to find her sitting there, patiently waiting for me. She follows me to the kitchen like a little black shadow. While I make my coffee, she sits politely at my feet, eagerly anticipating what she knows will come - that tiny dab of cream.

Suddenly I find her sitting next to me on the sofa, watching my every move, making sure she doesn't miss a chance for more whipped cream.  She even demeans herself and sits in my lap. If I get up, she is right at my heals, the ever devoted companion. 

So, yes, you can buy love, with just a little whipped cream. 

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