Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Wall Mannered Young Man

Meanwhile, Della was getting Ada and Fred Barnes settled in with 'Miss' Cordelia. Pearl had already offered them lemonade and showed them their rooms. 

Della looked at their hostess,"'Miss' Cordelia, thank you again so much for opening your home up for Sam's parents' friends."

"Oh, sweetheart, I'm excited. I don't get to entertain as much as I used to. They'll be in good hands."

Della reached over and gave 'Miss' Cordelia a hug. "I know that."

By this time, Ada and Fred Barnes were back in the living room. "You have such a lovely home."

From the dining room came a young voice,"Pearl, I'm home." Wells McCord rounded the corner and stopped. "I'm sorry Granny Cordelia, I didn't realize you had company."

"Wells, this is Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. They are staying with us this week." She turned to the Barnes, "This is my great grandson Wells."

Wells walked into the room and shook the Barnes' hands. "Nice to meet you." He turned to his Great Grandmother, "I'm going to find Pearl, and then I have homework to do." Looking at Ada and Fred, he said,"See you later." With that Wells went back to the kitchen in search of Pearl.

"What a well mannered young man. Is he visiting?"

"No," 'Miss' Ella sighed. "He lives with me. Unfortunately, he is an orphan. He lost both his parents recently, and I felt it was my place to rear him." She smiled, "Well, me and Pearl." Pivoting, she looked at Della. "We just love this young lady. Why, I have watched her grow up. And, Sam, what a dear."

Della blushed, "'Miss' Cordelia, you know you are one of my favorites. Once she was sure they were settled, she excused herself to find Sam. 

"Oh, dear that is tragic. The poor young thing. He is lucky to have someone as caring as you."

"That is kind for you to say. 

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