Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Award Winning Reservations

Back in Texas, Marigold was trying to make room reservations in Gallagher for the wedding. No one had answered the telephone the following evening when she attempted to call the General Taylor Imperial Inn. Also, concerned about the rehearsal dinner, Marigold had been online searching for some nice restaurant or country club. She found there were few choices. Then she saw a listing for the 'Gallagher Gentleman's Club.'

'There we go,' she said to herself. 'I knew there would be some nice club there.' She wrote the number down and planned to call later to inquire about using the club as a venue for the rehearsal dinner. 

Once again she tried to call the General Taylor. She was almost surprised when someone answered the phone. "The General Taylor Imperial Motel, best place to stay in Gallagher."

Marigold introduced herself and asked about availability for rooms the week of the wedding. "And, you need how many rooms?"

"Probably 15, maybe 20."

"15 or 20?" There was silence.

"Oh dear, I feared that - you are booked up for the week. I knew I should have called earlier."

"No mam, in fact we don't have nary a room booked for that time."

"So what is the problem?"

"Well mam, we only have 7 rooms."

"7 rooms? In the entire motel?"

"Yes, mam. Oh, we may be small but we are award winning."

'OK', said Marigold to herself. 'This must be a small boutique hotel.' Although she was surprised, she was pleased. Thank God, there is some sophistication in this little town.

Bobbie Mae, at the General Taylor, continued, "Yes, mam. We won the Golden Spatula award for Bubba's pancakes."

"Is he your chef?"

"Oh, no mam, he is our handy man but he likes to experiment in the kitchen." She laughed. "His ramp pancakes with opossum sausage are known county wide."

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