Friday, June 21, 2019

Checking In

Marigold walked into the General Taylor followed by Tooley, Sam, and many pieces of luggage - hanging bags, suitcases, hat boxes, and other sundry pieces. Seeing that no one was in sight, Marigold rang the bell on the desk. 

Bobbie Mae came out of the door behind the desk. "Why you must be Mr. and Mrs. Peterson."

"We are and are very happy to be here."

Bobbie Mae pulled a piece of paper from the desk and handed it to Marigold. "If you can just sign this and we'll get you folks checked in."

Marigold took a pen from her purse, quickly read the terms, and signed her name. She pulled out her check book. "Now how much do we owe you for 6 nights."

"Well, 7 rooms for 6 nights," Bobbie Mae punched some numbers into the old adding machine that sat on the desk top. With each entry she pulled the handle, and the machine made a loud 'Che Ching' sound.  She pulled the paper from the machine, looked at it and said, "OK, with tax that will be $1056.17."

Marigold started writing her check. "So for 6 nights that will be $7,000.00 and how much?"

Bobbie Mae was a little confused. "No mam, $1056.17."

"Per room, correct?"

"No mam, the rate is $23.95 per night, but we have to charge that stupid room tax. So the total is $25.14."

"Are you sure?" asked Marigold holding up her pen before she wrote the check.

Afraid she had offended Marigold, Bobbie Mae said, "Well, I guess we could give you a discount, since it's for Sam's wedding and all."

Marigold laughed, "No, dear, that just sounds very low for 7 hotel rooms for 6 nights." She smiled, wrote the check and handed it to Bobbie Mae.

She glanced down at the check, it was made out for $2000.00. "But mam," she protested.

Marigold smiled, "No buts about it. I know you will take very good care of us. The others will be straggling in. It's just us for now."

Bobbie Mae thanked her, got the room keys, and came from behind the desk. "I'll show you to your room." Looking at Sam and Tooley burdened with the pile of luggage. "Just leave that there. I'll get Bubba to bring those to your room."

They followed her down the hall. Marigold asked along the way, "Now isn't Bubba your award winning chef? The one who makes those opossum pancakes?"

Bobbie Mae, turned around and laughed, "Yes mam. He makes his ramp pancakes every morning and serves them with his opossum sausage."

Sam shook his head, "And, all the time I have been living in Gallagher and no one ever told me of such."

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