Thursday, June 13, 2019

For the Record, He was Out Cold

She left to find Andrew. As she did, she felt like a salmon swimming up stream against the current. Members and girls were trying to make their way down the hall and out the back door. She tried to tell them to exit out the front, but it was of no use. Anna Belle returned up stairs.

She told Clark and Wade what was going on. "And now everyone is running out the back door."

"Great how are we going to get the body down the back stairs with everyone in the hall?" asked Clark.

Wade smiled. "We're not. We're going down the main staircase. We'll take him out the front door."

Clark didn't question him, just picked up Luther Sweeney by the shoulders and followed Wade, who had the dead man by his feet. They made their way down the hall. The smoke was thick, Wade told Anna Belle to get out.

"Let me check all the rooms, then I'll get out. I'll be out back."

Wade and Clark started down the steps with Luther, just as the first firemen came through the door. The smoke was so thick he could barely make them out. Wade yelled, "The fire's in  kitchen in the back." Without a word the men pulled the heavy hose down the hall toward the kitchen. "That was close." He stopped and turned back to Clark. Wade had an idea.

"Clark for the record, we found Luther in the hall as we were checking the rooms. He was out cold." 

"Whatever you say."

The two men moved the body down the stairs. As they got him out to the front porch, there were more fireman arriving. Wade yelled, "We need help. We found this man in the hall. He's unconscious."

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