Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Here We Go Again

Lying there was Luther Sweeney, local attorney, former partner of Madison Marlboro. All that aside, Anna Belle needed to get this handled. She went downstairs and found Wade. After they had walked to the back steps, and she filled him in. 

"Jesus, God, and Mary! Again?"

Anna Belle looked at him, "It's not like I'm enjoying this."

"OK, let me go get Clark and see if he can help me." He turned and went back to the game room.

Anna Belle went back upstairs to check on Allessandra. Wade returned with Clark. In his dry sense of gallows humor, Wade said,"Well Clark, here we go again." He turned to Anna Belle, "Do you know how he arrived? Did he drive? God help us if he came with a friend."

"I'm not sure, but I'll find out." Anna Belle left to find Andrew, he would know. She learned from him that Luther had arrived alone. If he drove, Andrew said he did not know what kind of car he had. 

She returned to Allessandra's room to tell Wade, "Andrew says he was alone. . . and he thinks he drove himself."

"Does he know which car?"

"No, he doesn't."

Wade turned to Clark who was looking over Luther's body to see if his death was from anything more than natural causes. "Does he have car keys on him?"

Clark checked his pockets, "No". Then he looked on the side table. "Here they are." He picked them up. " 'Fraid this is not going to be too much help."

Wade looked at the key Clark was holding - a black GMC fob. It  probably could fit any of a majority cars in town. He shook his head. "Well, that's not going to make it easy. At least with John and Madison, we were able to use their cars. Let me think."

While he was thinking, Anna Belle said, "Let me get Andrew. He can help."

"Sure you want to get someone else involved?"

"Wade I trust Andrew with my life. Besides, he already knows something is up."

As Anna Belle said that an alarm went off. "Oh, God, that's the fire alarm, I think from the kitchen." She ran downstairs to see what the situation was. Bates met her at the kitchen door, "Now, Miss Anna Belle don't you worry, I already called the fire department. They are on their way and bringing Sheriff Quitman with them."

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