Thursday, June 27, 2019

Luke Warm Evian and a Small Glass

Tara then spoke up, "Well if that was his father, what happened to his mother."

Ima Jean started, "Well, I don't rightly feel its my place to discuss this in company, but she came to a tragic end."

Ada was intrigued, "Do tell."

"I don't like to gossip about such but it is not a secret."

Della interrupted her, "Mama, seriously, it's no secret. You act like there was some conspiracy." She turned to the other ladies,"Unfortunately, Belva took her own life."

There was an audible gasp from the ladies from Texas. Tara asked, "She must have been despondent over the situation with her former husband."

Della reached for one of Hatties' biscuits."Maybe so. But she was the one who killed him." She paused, "Or her, I should say 'killed her'."

"And, all this happened in Gallagher?" asked Marigold.

"'Fraid so," said Della.

"This could be a little Peyton Place," laughed Ada.

Ima Jean spoke up, "Oh, there is more."

Not wanting her mother to wax on about mysterious situations, Della added, 'Well, let's see, there are twin sisters in their 80's who got caught making moonshine in their back yard." She paused and took a bite of her biscuit. "Then there is Colonel Wadsworth. He's hard to miss, since he is always dressed in his Confederate uniform riding his horse.

"In the country?" asked Tara.

"No, in town. You'll know him when you see him." She thought for a moment,  "Then we have Bucky Beever who proselytizes about town. He's easy to recognize with his dirty loin cloth and large wooden cross slung across his shoulder."

"Della, seriously, you are making this up," laughed Marigold.

"I'm creative, but I couldn't make this up if I tried."

The subject changed and the ladies discussed the wedding, the reception, and their invitation to Cre Uisce Aer that evening. Then the door opened and in walked Bryson Lee and Sam.

"You made it," exclaimed Marigold. "How was your trip?"

"I'm here," said Bryson Lee, as she looked around the Tea House. This was not what she expected with the gorgeous decor, lovely table settings, and sterling silver. She kissed her mother's cheek, then took her seat."I'm exhausted. The puddle jumper on my last leg did not have first class or even a beverage service. And, I was seated next to this obnoxious fat woman who droned on about her diet."

Grice approached the table, "Can I get something for you?"

"Yes," Bryson Lee said, without looking at Grice. "I would like a bottle of Evian, luke warm, and a small glass." Then she stopped, "I don't know why I even asked for that. I'll just have a glass of unsweetened ice tea."

Grice smiled, "We have Evian, but I think it is cold. Generally we serve it chilled. Would you rather have that or the tea?" Before Bryson Lee could answer, Grice continued," But you know what? I think our Perrier is room temperature."

Bryson Lee was a bit taken back. For the first time, she looked at Grice and smiled, "The chilled Evian will do nicely."

Looking around the table, Grice asked, "Anyone need anything else?" Seeing the ladies smile and shake their heads, she left to get Bryson Lee a bottle of Evian. 

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