Wednesday, June 19, 2019

So You Must Know the Ewings?

All Marigold could say was, "That does sound like quite the gourmet meal." She went on to ask Bobbie Mae whether she needed her credit card to reserve the rooms.

"No, mam. You sound quite nice on the phone, we can trust you. Bring your check book when you come. I just need your name." She paused. "If I may ask, just why are you coming the Gallagher and why do you need so many rooms." 

"Our son is getting married. You may know him, Sam Peterson."

"Oh, lordy, he is one good looking man. And, we just love Della. Why we are all so excited about the wedding."

"Well, we are also. We've never been to Gallagher."

"Really? So where are you from?"

"Dallas, Texas."

Bobbie Mae was very excited, "Dallas, Texas! I bet you know the Ewings, you know that family that owns South Fork. Oh I just loved them, especially Sue Ellen. My girl friend, Dee Dee, loved Pam, but I just loved to see Sue Ellen and JR fight."

Marigold interrupted, "No, I'm afraid, we do not know the Ewings, but they are quite famous." She was quickly realizing that this town equated Dallas to the Ewings, never mind the other 7.5 million residents of the city. She thanked Bobbie Mae for her time and they rang off.

Later she called Sam. "Sweetheart, I finally got reservations for the family, but they only have 7 rooms. What am I going to do with the others coming from Texas?"

"Mama, I can handle that. Just send a list of the guests who will need accommodations. And, don't worry about that any more. What else can I help with?" 

"Well, I finally found a venue for the rehearsal dinner."

"Really? Here in Gallagher?"

"You didn't tell me there was a 'Gentleman's Club' in town? I know it won't be as big as the Dallas City Club, but it should do. Do you know who I should speak with there."

Sam took a silent breath. "Well, I don't think that will do."

"Why not? You are not giving me credit. I know Gallagher is a small town and maybe not as," she paused. "as sophisticated as Dallas. But, we an make this work."

"Mama, the Gentleman's Club, is just that - a gentleman's club. It is not a venue for anything. And, it is private."

"Well, certainly you are a member."

Sam couldn't help but laugh. "No, I'm not a member." Then he remembered, "Besides they had a fire there and I'm pretty sure it is closed for a while. And, I told you, we will take care of that. No need to worry."

Realizing there was no sense protesting, she moved on. "After speaking with a few folks there, I fear they will be disappointed when we arrive and they learn we are not in fact Ellie and Jock Ewing."

Sam laughed, "I never heard that before."

"Have you ever spoken to Bobbie Mae at the General Tyler? And, what in the heck is 'Opossum Sausage'?"

Sam laughed, "Mama, all I can is welcome to Gallagher. I love it here. It may be a bit quirky, but it is now home to me." He paused, "I promise we will take care of the rehearsal dinner. Don't you worry about that."

"Oh, I know you will. I just hate not to be doing our part."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'll send you the bill. And, we'll make sure it is a gourmet meal. Heck, I bet I can find some chicken gizzards and livers for the meal."

"Sam!" Marigold protested.

"Mama, I promise, you will not be embarrassed. You're going to really like here. Now, ____, not so much, but that's her problem."

With that they rang off.

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