Thursday, June 20, 2019

Texas Comes to Town

Sunday afternoon, Sam and Della picked up Sam's parents from the airport. Sam had arranged for them to have a rental car. After the luggage was loaded, Sam's parents and the Barnes followed Sam, Della, and the Marcuses to Gallagher.

Knowing they were famished, their first stop was the Ed's Cafe. As they were seated, Sam said, "Ed makes the best burger."

"Better than Rogers back home?" Tooley asked.

"Yep, better than Rogers." He turned and looked at  Marigold and the other 2 ladies, "And the chicken and the egg salad are both freshly made in house."

Soon, Mae came over to take their orders. "Why you must be Sam's daddy, he looks just like you."

"My dear, I will take that as a compliment. Yes, I am Tooley Peterson and this is Sam's mother, Marigold." He introduced the other 2 couples to her and they exchanged pleasantries.

"Sam says the burger is the best here," said Tooley.

"Yes sir they are, known county wide," answered Mae.

"Well, I want one all the way with cheese, cooked medium rare." He paused, "and a glass of sweet iced tea."

"Yes, sir." She turned to the other guests and took their orders. After she walked away, the conversation got back to the plans for the week.

Sam told them where they would be staying. "Aunt Ada and Uncle Fred, y'all will be staying with 'Miss' Cordelia Wells. I promise you will be in good hands."

Della piped up,"Mr. and Mrs. Marcus . . ."

Tara Marcus interrupted her, "Della, dear, please call us John and Tara."

Della smiled and continued, "You will be staying with 'Miss' Ella Osbourne. She is just a delight."

Quickly, the food came. Sam wasn't sure if it was the quality of the food or just hunger from the trip, but everyone seemed to be enjoying their lunches.

"Mama remind me when Bryson Lee arrives."

"Oh, it will be tomorrow,  I think her flight comes in around 10 in the morning. "

 "Good. I'll pick her up."

"You sure? Aren't you busy?"

"Maybe, but I always have time for her. Besides we need some 'sibling bonding time' before the wedding."

After lunch, Sam dropped his parents off at the General Taylor and he and Della took the Barnes to 'Miss' Ella's and the Marcuses to 'Miss' Cordelia's.

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