Wednesday, June 12, 2019

We are Going to be Family Now

"Mrs. Lee, this is Marigold Peterson, Sam's Mother," Ima jean heard when she answered the phone.

"Oh, I am so glad you called. We just love Sam. And, please it's Ima Jean, after all we are going to be family now."

"Well, we just adore Della. I'm just calling about the wedding."

"Oh, I am so excited. Della's our only daughter so I have been looking forward to this since she was born. I've already reserved the church and the church hall. They redid the hall last year. It's really nice now. The walls are a pale shade of blue. The women of the church wanted to use a wall color that would compliment any dress. That peachy cream they had just clashed with everything, especially red dresses."

As Ima Jean took a breath, Marigold interjected, "Well that sounds just wonderful. I'm glad those details have been taken care of. Tooley and I are trying to get our part of the guest list finished. I must say with a large extended family, not to mention all of Tooley's business friends, it has been a chore to limit the list."

"Well, I could see if the Church of the Seven Wells and Three Stones, that's our Episcopal church here in town, is available, but I don't think so. Those Episcopalians are pretty funny about Baptists and such. And if I remember correctly, the Warren's daughter's wedding is that weekend. Personally I was surprised that Elizabeth wanted to marry that Collins boy. But, if her parents were OK with it, who am I to say."

Once again, Marigold took advantage of Ima Jean's pause, "I'm sure your church will be just wonderful. I'm pretty sure the kids are determined to have a small wedding."

"Oh, and for the reception I've been working on the menu. I thought we could have pigs in blankets, you know those little wieners wrapped in biscuit dough. And then chicken nuggets, a vegetable tray, and some sweets. Of course, there will be the wedding cake. But, we can make those decisions later."

Trying to imagine this 'gourmet' spread, all Marigold could say was, "What can we do to help?"

"Not a thing, just show up. We're so excited about meeting you."

"Speaking of that, we will need a place to stay. If I can get a list of the hotels in town, I can go ahead and make reservations. I hope we are not too late."

"Hotels? Oh my, we only have one motel, the General Taylor Imperial Motel."

"Is there someone particular we should ask for. We will need to reserve a block of rooms."

A bit confused about a 'block of rooms', Ima Jean said, "Oh, don't worry, Mary Alice will answer the phone. She is the only one there. And, speak slowly, she is hard of hearing."

"I'll keep that in mind."

They discussed some more details, said they would talk later, and rang off.

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