Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What About Arlene?

The following morning, Della had arranged for Marigold and her friends to meet Ima Jean for brunch at the Tea House. Della picked Marigold, Tara, and Ada up and drove them to the Tea House.

When they walked in the door, Caroline was there to meet them. "Welcome to Gallagher. We are thrilled to have you." She turned to Della, "Della, your mother is over there." She pointed toward the table where Ima Jean was seated. 

Della thanked her and made her way to her mother's table with Marigold, Tara, and Ada in tow. She made introductions and they all were seated.

"Marigold, it is so good to meet you, finally."

Marigold laughed, "Well, speaking for the 3 of us, we are thrilled to be here." She turned to Della, "We just adore Della."

The ladies sat and continued their conversation. Grice came and they placed their orders. As she left the table, Della's phone rang.

It was Sam, "Honey, I just got a all from Pierce. He has invited all of us to Cre Uisce Aer for drinks this evening. Can you check with everyone and make sure it suits."

"That is so sweet of him."

"Oh, and he said it is casual, so no one need get all dressed up."

After checking with everyone, Della got back to Sam, "They would love to, we can discuss the details later." They rang off.

Della gave them a bit of the history of Cre Uisce Aer. "Pierce is so nice and has done an incredible job restoring his family's estate."

Ima Jean added, "It was just unfortunate what happened at the Historical Society Gala."

"Oh," said Tara, "This sounds interesting."

Della looked at Ima Jean. Before Ima Jean could continue, Della told the ladies about that fateful night. When she finished, she could tell they had questions.

Ada commented, "I've never heard of such in real life, only on TV. "Who was the lady, the one who was," she paused, "killed"? 

"Colleen Cantrell, a lovely lady."

Ima Jean spoke up, "And, that is why Cordelia now has custody of Wells."

"He is such a nice young man. Cordelia told us he was an orphan. So Colleen was his mother?"

Ima Jean looked at Della, the turned to the others. "Not exactly." She paused,"Colleen was Wells' father."

Taken aback, Ada asked," Father?"

"Yes, Well's father, Culler, had transgendered into a woman named 'Colleen'."

"Really?" asked Tara. "I've read about such but never knew anyone."

"Well, not exactly," said Marigold. Ada and Tara looked at her. Marigold continued, "Arlene, Arlene Kieser."

"What about Arlene?" asked Tara.

"Well, seems Arlene was the former Richard Johnson."

"Richard Johnson! I thought he moved away."

"I did too, until his, or rather her, mother slipped up at bridge last month and referred to her daughter Arlene."

Ada shook her head,"That will happen when you drink too much wine at bridge."

This lightened the air at the table as the ladies all giggled at the thought of the tispy bridge player.

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