Wednesday, July 10, 2019


The domicile hunt continued. I found a small former mill house that was being renovated into a precious little bungalow. It was located within walking distance of a cute area of "hip" bars and restaurants. Charles, a young man from the rental agency met us. (We were there on time - he was 10 minutes late.) 

Charles was obviously recuperating from a large time the night before. He was cute but clueless. Walking through the house, I noticed an issue with the kitchen. "Is this going to be fixed?", I asked.

You would have thought my question required a degree in calculus with a minor in physics. After a moment or 2 with a blank look on his face, he responded, "I don't know."

The wooden tongue and groove ceiling was flaking badly. "Is that going to be sanded and repainted?"

"Not sure."

"And, when will the deck (that was missing half of the railing and steps) be finished?"

"I'll have to ask."

"When did you say it will be available?"

He looked in the notebook he carried, "It is available now."

"As in today?"


"But what about the work that still needs to be done?" I said referring to the issues I had pointed out earlier, together with the drop cloths on the floor, ladder in the middle of the room, boards stacked on the deck, and problems in the kitchen.

Another blank stare from Einstein as he contemplated my query. "Not sure about that but I can check."

As we walked outside, I thanked him for showing us the property. He got in his car, but not before he said," Just go online to our website, complete the form, and pay $40."

"$40 dollars, for what?" I asked.

"That will start the process."


"Yeah, you know, it will give you the application to complete. You know, to see if you are qualified." He paused, "You know, like a background and credit check."

"And, if I'm not qualified, I get my $40 back?"

"No, but then you do not have to pay us another $40 when you find another property of ours you are interested in."

"If you deem me unqualified initially, why would I attempt to rent another property from you?"

Blank stare again, "Not sure, I'll have to ask."

Obviously Charles was the son, grandson, or nephew of the owner. - clueless, completely clueless. No point asking any more questions. But, upon reflection, I realized the location, although in a great area, was 30 minutes from my work in one direction and Greenville in the other. Next!

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