Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I Heard the Whistle Blowing

Back to the Instant Pot. I followed the directions exactly as written in both the 'Official' Cook Book and the 'Instruction' Book. Making sure everything was as it was supposed to be, I proceeded.  Now, I am not known to follow directions for a recipe, but in this case I was faithful to the text. Memories of an exploding pressure cooker from my youth are still permanently etched in my mind. Even now, I can hear that whistle now as the pressure built up. The stains of the green beans on the ceiling were still there until a fresh coat of paint was applied years later. But, I digress. 

In my case, this pot was supposed to be much better and much safer than the old pressure cookers of my youth. I was doubtful, but soldiered on. The moment of commitment came when it was time to go to the actual 'pressure' cooking. After I had placed the chicken in the pot - just as the recipe said, I sealed the lid, turned the vent to 'Seal' and programmed the pot to cook under pressure for 12 minutes.

When the pot beeped 3 times, I took a deep breath. Nothing had exploded - yet. Carefully, I walked into the kitchen. The pot was still intact, as far as I could tell. The instructions said to turn the vent knob from 'Seal' to 'Vent'.  With great trepidation, I did just that.

As I did, the steam started escaping rapidly. Memories of flying green beans flashed in my mind and I backed off quickly. No doubt it was getting ready to blow. After 3 or 4 minutes, the steam stopped. As instructed, I carefully removed the lid. 

There was my dish. Though not quite looking like the picture in the cook book, it was close enough. With no food on the ceiling and the pot still in working order, I felt a victory lap was on order. 

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