Saturday, July 27, 2019

Is it Real?

Going through my check list for my trip to Brazil, No. 36 was "Get Brazilian Reals from bank."  The currency, the "real", is pronounced "hey-al" and the plural, "reais", is pronounced "hey-ice". The exchange rate as of this writing was .27 to the US Dollar, ie 1 US Dollar will purchase 3.73 Reais. 

And, then there is Brazil's native tongue - Portuguese. In my case, there will definitely be a failure to communicate. In college, I spent the better part of a summer in Europe. I could barely make out Spanish and French. (They speak so fast, but then as a southerner, I have been told I speak too slowly.) I thought German was difficult until I arrived in Amsterdam, where I encountered Dutch, which was truly Greek to me.

Translations - English to Portuguese: "How are You?" is "Como você está?", "Thank you" is "Obrigado", and "How much is that?" is "Quanto custa isso?" As I said earlier, "Δεν καταλαβαίνω" (I don't understand.)

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