Friday, July 12, 2019

My "Stuff" has"Stuff"

Fast forward - I loved the place. I called the landlord and told him I would take it. Check that off my list. Now all I had to do was arrange for 2 sets of 'loaders' (one to load the truck and another to unload it.) 

The going rate for such was $40-$50 per hour per man with a 2 hour minimum.  But, not having to worry with the move, it was well worth it. The logistics were handled. I had it all lined up - the truck, the movers etc. 

Now a little back history here - when I started packing my worldly goods, I found that not only did I have 'stuff', but my 'stuff' had 'stuff'. The number of boxes I was moving was ridiculously down right embarrassing. I brought a good car load down on one of my initial trips. (My college roommate, bless her heart, let me unload my prized possessions and store them in her yard house until I could move.)

My good friends from Richmond brought the remainder of my boxes down - which took up 90% of the room in a good size RV. The site of this was something akin to a photo spread in National Lampoon. Since I could not move in yet, I had rented a climate controlled storage space - a fairly large one. I also had furniture and other goods in 2 more locations.

The loaders we had to load the truck were jam up. They were fast, professional, and happy to help with anything.  Loading the furniture on the truck, I was concerned that the right sofa was loaded, that the chairs loaded were the correct ones for the kitchen table, and other details. I made sure the correct box spring for my bed was loaded. (I was going to have to purchase a new mattress.) Also, I carefully looked over the many table lamps and chose those I thought would suit me best.

Very soon, "Operation Load It Up" was done. Now on to Greenville for Part 2 - "Operation unload." 

Miracles do happen. We arrived at the town house early. Thankfully the unloading crew were waiting for us. They were efficient, but not as impressive as our loaders that morning. That said, it only took them a little over an hour to unload the truck and get all the furniture into the town house. When they finished, I said, "Now we need to bring the boxes from my storage unit. It's only a mile or 2 away."

I could tell the head loader was not pleased. "But, we are finished and you hired us to unload the truck."

I had to remind him that I was paying him for a minimum of 2 hours of work.

"I understand, but we got the job done."

There was a little discussion about timing and the contract. Finally he grumpily said, "Fine, but we need to hurry." He looked at his watch. "We only have 40 minutes. Any minute after that, I will have to charge you for." It was agreed that all they needed to do was load the truck. We would unload it.

We made our way to the storage unit (which was 2 minutes away). When I opened the door to the unit, I heard the loader say, under his breath, "Good God." But, in 15 minutes, the truck was loaded. The unit was empty. Given there were still 15 minutes "on the clock", I started to suggest they could help us unload for that amount of time, but I thought better of it.

Finally the "move" was over. I walked back into the townhouse. Actually, it was hard to walk due to the number of boxes everywhere. Someone asked, "Where is all this going to go?"

Standing there, trying not to show my feeling of total inundation, I just said, "Oh, there's a place for everything." In my mind I was thinking, 'If you believe, it will happen.' Oh, where was the Good Witch Glenda when you needed her?

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