Friday, July 19, 2019

Oh My, We Need to See You

In all the commotion, chaos, and calamity of the move, I almost forgot that I needed to get my vaccinations for an upcoming trip to South America. Years ago, my husband and I had traveled to Ecuador for several weeks, so I already had gotten many of the necessary immunizations. However, I knew there were additional ones as well boosters I would need. All my travel out of the country since then had been to locations where one needed not be so concerned about vaccinations.

Amid all the hub-bub, I had gotten DHEC (Dept of Health and Human Services) to send me my complete vaccination record. However, looking over it I needed help deciphering it. I had already had my Hep-A and Hep-B vaccines. Did I need boosters? I had Tetanus, DTAP, and a MMR, but were they current? What else did I need?

DHEC referred me to this great service that did nothing but handle overseas vaccination needs. I called them to make an appointment. "Where are you traveling?"


"And the dates of your trip?" When I told her it was only several weeks off, her reaction was, "Oh my, we need to get you in here quickly. Let me look at our schedule." She paused as (I assume) she looked over the schedule to see when they could see me. "We can work you in next Tuesday at noon. Does that suit?"

Knowing I was lucky to get an appointment that quickly, I told her it would work. She asked several more questions,and referred me to a their web site. "If you complete your paperwork online,  you will not be charged for the visit itself, just whatever vaccinations or other medication you will need." I thanked her and rang off.

Tuesday? What did I have planned on Tuesday? Oh, my washer/ dryer was scheduled to be delivered Tuesday afternoon. I found the number for the appliance store and dialed it. Hopefully, I could reschedule my installation appointment with them for Thursday.

When I rang the number, there was no answer. I rang again. This time I waited long enough to get the voice mail. It was David the salesman I had initially dealt with. I left him a detailed message about my needing to cancel my Tuesday appointment and that I was hoping to reschedule the delivery for Thursday. I asked him to please return my call to confirm that he had received the message. I left my name and number.

Monday came and I still had not heard from David. I called once more, got the voice mail, and once again left the message as I had several days earlier.

Tuesday morning came and I still had not heard from David. I called one more time and left another message. If they showed up that afternoon and I was not home, I had done my due diligence. At 11:30, I left the townhouse for my noon appointment. Disappointed that the washer/dryer was not going to be delivered that day, I made a note to call David once more when I got back home.

As it turned out, my appointment took less than an hour, so I was back home by 1:30.  Once again, I tried to call David. All I got was his voice mail.

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