Tuesday, July 9, 2019

On the Move

A short break from Gallagher. I am in the process of moving.

Ah, the move. How I love to move. Boxing up all my worldly belongings, finding some strong young men to assist me, and transporting all this to a new location. What fun, especially in July in the South. Who moves in the middle of the summer in the South? Only fools, idiots,. . . and me. I think every move I have made, with one exception, was in the summer. But I digress.

One would think finding an apartment, condo, townhouse, or small home in a thriving metropolitan area such as Greenville would be easy. One would think. Well, it isn't. I don't require much - a safe location, something not God awful tacky, within my budget, with room for my 2 pups.

Google says 68% of American households include at least one dog. However only 30% of available abodes allow dogs. You do the math. Right off the bat, my market has shrunk. 

One place said they were "dog friendly". I was enthused. The young lady showed us the available unit. She was quick to point out it faced a lovely green space. However, I noticed something was missing.  "Where would I park?", I asked.

"Oh, in the large safe parking area located behind the building."

"So I would have to walk all the way around the building, carrying whatever I may have to get from my car to the apartment?"

"Yes," then she smiled, "But this unit is on the first floor, so there are no stairs."

The kitchen was nothing special but updated and clean,. The young lady pointed out the nice bar around the kitchen. "This is great for entertaining," she said waving her arm about like Vanna White.

A good idea, I thought. However, I'm 5'2" and could just barely see over the great bar for entertaining, much less eat from it.

All that aside, we returned to the rental office. The young lady handed me some papers. "Here is our lease agreement. Read through it and let me know if you have any questions." (Mind you I never indicated I was interested in the property.)

In reviewing the agreement, I noticed on p. 2 the "Pet Policy" stated that a (Non-refundable) fee of $500 together with a (Refundable) deposit of $600, then an additional $25 per month were required to take advantage of their "Pet Friendly" policy. Otherwise, not so much.

Move along nothing to see here.

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