Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pieces Inside

'Wayfair, we've got just what you want.' Well, in my case, not so much.

Online I found a headboard for my bed at Wayfair (on sale of course). When it arrived I was most excited and could not wait to get it on the bed.

The box, as you can imagine was quite large and unwieldy, but I was determined. I was on a mission. I dragged the cardboard package up the stairs. Just trying to get it opened was quiet the task. Finally, out of the box came the headboard. Surveying it after unwrapping, it looked just as it did online. I always fear I will be taken as a friend of mine in college was, when she ordered a solid wood bookcase (from a catalog). She was surprised to find it was simply 8 pieces of cardboard, 3 of which had a design printed on them that replicated wood grain. But, I digress.

In my case, there was no hardware with my headboard, no legs to attach to it. I went back to the box. After pulling all the remaining cardboard and packaging, using a flashlight, I looked inside the box. No instructions, no extra pieces, no hardware. 

By this time I was frustrated. Looking over the headboard, there were definitely pieces missing.  I did not see any way to attach the headboard to the bed frame as it was. "Wayfair, this is NOT ALL that I want. Instructions and missing pieces would be appreciated. And, while you're at it, send a handyman."

Daunted, I leaned the headboard up against dresser. It was then that I saw dangling from the back, a white tag. In large red writing,  it read 'Pieces Inside'.

"Inside what?" I asked myself. As I looked over the black material that covered the back of the piece, I saw it. There was a large rectangle. When I pulled on the red and white tag I heard the sound of velcro. Sure enough, a panel of the material was velcroed on. Eureka! Opening it up I found 2 legs that fit  perfectly in the space, as well as a small bag of hardware, and most importantly - Instructions.

I pulled the pieces and the hardware out. Looking at the instructions, I started reading. 'Holding 1 leg (d) take 3 bolts (a), 3 washers (b) and 3 locking washers (c), insert . . ."

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