Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Stardate 073119.1

Traveler's Log Stardate 073119.1  Our destination is Manaus, Brazil,  where we will rendezvous with the Tartarugas de Amazonas, a river going vessel. Manaus, population 2.1 million souls, is located at the east center of the state of Amazonas.  It is situated near the confluence of the Negro and Solimoes rivers, settled in 1669, as the Fort Sao Jose do Rio Negro. The atmospheric conditions are reported to be 92 F, 33 C, with little chance of precipitation.

We have learned that the vast area of the Amazon river basin is under threat of total deforestation due to the political agenda of the country's president, Jair Bolsonara, and his denial of the total ruin of this natural wonder of planet Earth.

We are proceeding at 533 mph, well below warp speed. A stop in Miami, in the state of Florida, is planned where we will transfer to another airship before embarking for the southern continent. Expected arrival in the state of Amazonas 0105. 

But first, in the immortal words of Captain Kirk, "Everyone, remember where we parked."

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