Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Super Duper Service

According to Forbes, Cable Providers are the most hated industry in the country. Just ahead of Internet Providers, Cell Phone Companies, Health Insurance, and the Airlines. That said it is a necessary evil. But I could only stay off the grid for so long. 

Not able to postpone the inevitable any longer, I used my phone to access the local provider's web site. I was able to set-up service online and make an appointment for the cable guy to come on Friday. Trying to save money, I had decided to only get Internet service and then stream whatever I wanted to watch on my smart TV. As if dealing with No. 2 on the list was any less painful than No. 1.

The following day, while in the grocery store, my phone rang. The screen said it was the cable company. Fearing there was some issue, I answered it.

"This is Madge from Spectrum cable, how are you this morning?"

"Fine, and you?"

"First I wanted to thank you for your business and confirm the time scheduled of our technician's visit."

She confirmed the date and time of the installation. Then she started in on her spiel - because I was a new customer, they had this very 'special' offer to make. Spectrum would be happy to give me service, 30 days for free, to a super duper Internet tier that would allow me to stream anything I wanted at any time. (Funny I had researched their site to make sure the service I was getting allowed me to 'stream anything I wanted at any time'.)

I rudely (so much so, I could see my dear departed Aunt Kat scolding me for such behavior) interrupted her. "I am not interested in anything 'free' that is going to be automatically added to my bill later."

"But, I see that you are not taking advantage of our excellent cable TV service. This will allow you to stream anything you want on up to 5 different devices. And, it will give you 'optimal speed'."

"It was my understanding that the service I have signed up for offers me high speed streaming on up to 3 devices. Is this a faster service? "

She didn't pause at all, "We find that most households have . . ."

I interrupted her once more (now I envisioned dear Aunt Kat rolling over in her grave), "Mam, I do not want any additional service that will be added to my bill later on."

"Of course, but ..."

With this I rang off.

Come to think of it, in my mind 'Cable Provider' and 'Internet Provider' are usually the same entity. Therefore Spectrum is the  No. 1 squared most hated service. 

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