Saturday, July 20, 2019

What Happened to David?

By now I was beginning to fear that the appliance store may well have been a Sci Fri adventure after all. And, both David and my washer/dryer had disappeared into the ethos. I had left several messages with no response.

But, oh ye of little faith. There was a God. Around 4 that afternoon, a young man from the appliance store called. 

"I know we were scheduled to deliver your unit today between noon and 4, but we are running late. If it still suits, we can be there sometime between 4:30 and 5."

If it suits? Are you kidding? My belief in humanity was restored. "I'll be right here."

At 4:30 a young man knocked on the door and introduced himself as Rob. He and his co-worker, Mike, had my washer/dryer. "Can you show me where it goes?"

I took him to the kitchen and showed them the hookups. In a moment Mike was at the door with the unit. As they were coming through the living room, I asked, "Did you get my messages? I called several times and only got voice mail."

Rob responded, as he carefully maneuvered the washer/dryer through my living room, "No, we didn't get any messages."

"Well, I was calling to cancel today's appointment because a conflict came up." I laughed, "But this worked out well." I paused, then added, "I was just surprised David never returned my calls."

While working on the installation, Rob offered, "David is no longer with us. The owner is trying to get everything straight."

"Oh? But no one got my messages?"

"Well, the phone number on David's card was his personal cell phone. So even though it sounded like it was the company phone, it wasn't." He paused, "So we haven't gotten anyone's messages. The manager is trying to figure out which customer had bought what and when they were expecting delivery."

I thought, 'David's 'Post-It' system may be a game saver after all.'

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