Tuesday, August 20, 2019

IV - Boats of the Amazon

IV - The Boats

The Amazon is a colorful place. The birds, the blue sky during the day, the pink (orange and purple sunrises and sunsets), the people, and most of all - the boats. I was fascinated by the boats. 

There was a common design. Almost all were made of wood. And, most had at least one blue tarp somewhere on board. There were usually hammocks and often a line of clothes drying in the hot sun.

There were the traditional pangas that scooted about. 

Others were floating homes.

There were others:

And, our boat Tortugas de Amazonian:

We only saw one boat that I was classify as a 'Cruise Ship'. And, it was not nearly as large as those that cruise the Caribbean. Or, as stylish as those that cruise the rivers in Europe.  

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