Saturday, August 31, 2019

XIV - Wet Parrots Cannot Swim

XIV - Parrots Cannot Swim

While in this village there were many Parrots and McCaws in trees. We surmised they were pets, given their patience. While we photographed them, they sat, nonplussed, in the trees and palms.

They frolicked. 

They preened.

They played coy.

One afternoon, the crew left in a panga to go fishing. In just a few minutes they returned. The mate got out of the panga holding a parrot by its wings - a very wet parrot.

He brought him on board and sat him on the rail. For some minutes the parrot sat there totally dazed and confused. Finally he started to shake his feathers to remove whatever water he could. The mate said that it was not unusual for a young parrot to get confused and fall into the water. Luckily this one was rescued because parrots  cannot swim.

The parrot sat on the rail for a while, trying to get his wits about him. Then he flew off, no doubt with his pride injured, but alive and well.

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