Thursday, September 5, 2019

XIX Meeting of the Waters

VIX - Meeting of the Waters

In doing research for the trip, the first thing I read about Manuas was the "Meeting of the Waters". This happens where the Rio Negro (which is black water) merges with the upper part of the Amazon River called Rio Solimões (which is muddy and brown.)

At the confluence and for the following 3.7 miles, the two rivers' waters run side by side without mixing. This is due to the differences in temperature, speed and water density of the two rivers. The Rio Negro flows at near 1.2 mph at a temperature of 82 °F, while the Rio Solimões flows between 2.5–3.7 mph at a temperature of 72 °F.

The result is something to see. There is a clear demarcation between the 2 rivers.

Initially, the waters meet in a jagged manner.

But, soon the line is very evident.

The site from above (thanks to NASA) is even more impressive.

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