Wednesday, September 4, 2019

XVII - Return to Manuas

XVII - Back to the Beginning

We made our way back down the Rio Negro to Manaus. Remembering what I saw in the mariner in the dark that night we arrived, I was curious to see it in the day time. I was not disappointed. 

The mariner was fairly large and moored to the docks were boats of all sizes and descriptions. There were very nice large boats as well as the traditional fishing boats we had seen on the river (complete with blue tarps.) 

Moving about, carrying people and goods were smaller boats. Then there were the ever present pangas.

Some boats looked abandoned and others look like they would be better off abandoned. I must say it was the most colorful mariner I have seen.

One thing we all wanted to see was the "Meeting of the Waters." Where the Rio Negro River and the Amazon Rivers meet just east of Manuas. To get there we needed to be on a faster boat due to the distance and the currents. So we all transferred from the Tortugas to a smaller faster boat. 

An interesting thing I saw in Brazil were the boats that were actually floating gas stations:

Leaving the mariner, we followed the shoreline of Manaus. To our left we could see the skyscape of the buildings in the city. It was bigger than I remembered. 

We crossed under the the Ponte Rio Negro bridge. This  2.2 mile long bridge crosses the Rio Negro, connecting the cities of Manaus and Iranduba.

On the hillside of the bank of the river were large groups of colorful houses. Some rather nice, others not the best in the city. But they made for a colorful landscape.

And, not surprising, more boats.

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