Monday, September 9, 2019

XXIII - Too Large to See

XXIII - Too Large to See

Walking the trails around National Park's walkway, there were falls that fed into lower falls, increasing the volume of water.

These are all views from the Argentinian side, from the bottom of the falls. The grandeur of this splendor gets lost in the translation of photography.  Pictures just do not capture the sound and the mist that rises from the pressure of the water hitting the rocks. Standing in most places one has a 270 degree view of falls. Therefore, these pictures are almost one dimensional.

Some in our group took a helicopter ride above the falls. I did not. Their photos from the air still do not capture the size of the falls.
(Not my photo)

Looking at a map, it is hard to comprehend the size of the area.

From across the gorge from below the falls in Argentina, we could see the roof of the Belmond, the hotel in Brazil we would be staying in that evening.

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