Wednesday, September 11, 2019

XXV - Looking up

XXV - From the Bottom Up

While we saw the falls from the top in Argentina, the views in Brazil were from the bottom. The scenes we saw in Argentina were vast, awe inspiring, and frightening. In Brazil, there was the thunder of the water coming down, the constant mist from it the hitting rocks below, and the small feeling I had in the presence of this powerful natural wonder. 

The path from the Belmond started at a high point and slowly worked its way down toward the foot of the falls. Along the way there were vistas of the falls. 

Moving on, there were incredible views of "Devil's Throat", the u shaped part of the system, made up of 14 falls where the water falls 350 feet. 

If we thought the falls were impressive from the top, as we got toward the bottom, the views became even more impressive. The size of the falls from the top gets lost in the grand vistas. However, from the bottom, not only did you 'see' the power, you 'felt' it.

As we moved lower it became louder (and wetter).

Standing at the very bottom made me feel small in the presence of this wonder of nature.

Towards the bottom was a walkway that made its way across the pool just below the "Devil's Throat". It was so close to the falls, that raincoats or ponchos were required to keep one from getting soaked. 

Feeling brave, I donned a poncho and started out on to the walkway. About 50 feet out, I realized this was a not a wise idea. I carefully made my way back to the safety of solid ground and watched my fellow travelers venture out for view - all the time praying for their well being.

And, just like in Argentina, there were rainbows everywhere.

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