Thursday, September 12, 2019

XXVI - Inpanema Beach

XXVI - Inpanema Beach

Rio is known for several things - Carnival, Christ the Redeemer, and its beaches. The most famous (or infamous) is Inpanema Beach, made famous by the 1962 song "The Girl from Inpanema". Supposedly Antonio Carlos Jobim, who sang the song, was captivated by Helo Pinheiro, a 17-year-old fixture on the Rio beach.  Jobim along with poet Vinicius De Moraes created the bossa nova classic. But, I digress.

The days we were there, the beach was not as crowded as it often is. 

I saw no topless (female) sun bathers nor any sign of Jobim's girl. (Of course given she would be around 74 years old now, I may not have recognized her.) 

Just like in the movies, in addition to sunbathers, there were volley ball nets, umbrellas, beach chairs, and vendors. 

Been there, done that, move along.

We were staying on Copacabana Beach which is smaller and more exclusive than Inpanema. The  buildings across the street from Inpanema Beach (Ave Vieirea Souto) were much more commercial and geared toward tourists. However, Ave Alanitica, across from Inpanema, was lined with high end hotels and luxury high rise apartment buildings.

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