Wednesday, September 18, 2019

XXXII- The Colorful Steps

XXXII -  The Escadaria Selaron

There was another sight in Rio that I was not aware of until I got there. In this instant it was the Selaron Steps. In 1990, Jorge Selaron started covering the steps in front of his home with colorful tiles and small mirrors. He primarily used the colors of the Brazilian flag - blue, green, and yellow. The staircase it is comprised of 215 steps that rise 410 feet.

The decoration of the steps became an obsession for Selaron, a Chilean born painter. He said they were "my tribute to the Brazilian people". 

The steps have been featured in everything from Kellogg Corn Flake commercials to Time magazine to Playboy. They were even included in the Amazing Race one season. 

The above image is not mine. Due to the popularity of the steps, there are always people on them. While we were there we saw groups having a family photo taken on the steps, 100's of selfies, and young men standing precariously on the tall blocks on the side of the staircase, posing for photos.

The sides of the stairs are decorated with large blocks covered in red tiles.

I could have spent the better part of a day looking over the stairs. The details in the design and the different tiles were amazing. However, I would have been run over by youngsters running up and down the steps, knocked down by those totally unaware selfie takers, and included in many family photos.

Did I mention I despise those young people Hell bent on taking selfies of everything, totally unaware of their surroundings, or the fact that others may want to see the object, memorial, or vista they are dominating?

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