Thursday, September 19, 2019

XXXIII - Rio Uncovered

XXXIII- Rio Uncovered

The streets of the old part of Rio are full of the old meets the new. There are modern street lights, but if you look closely you can see these lovely older fixtures on bronze hangers, still attached to power poles.

Looking down on the roof tops one can see the different ages, colors, and conditions. The combination of red tiles, old tin roofs (with rust), balconies, laundry hanging out to dry, and the ubiquitous blue water reservoirs, make for an interesting sight.

And, looking past the older homes on the hill, one can see the modern buildings of downtown Rio.

On the street one can see interesting mail boxes.

There are unique architectural features, like this colorful covered staircase connecting the terrace of a house with the street below.

Below what was once an elegant window with the faded worn shutters still hanging, one will find street vendors, selling everything from local pop, snacks, or, in this case, hats.

And, around the corner, if one looks up there is another lovely example of an older home, abutted against a new high rise.

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