Saturday, September 21, 2019

XXXV - The First Ride

XXXV - The First Ride

After praying to the icons, I decided to pass up prostrating myself before their wall - I did have some pride left, even in the fear of my pending doom. We made our way in the line to the waiting glass carriage of death. As we boarded the car, I paid close attention to the warning "Carefully Step Over the Gap". Close attention? It was hard not to notice the gap between the boarding area and the car, since if one looks down all one sees is a drop of several hundred feet.

Once on the car, I made sure I was close to one the standing poles (simliar to those you find on a subway) for something to hold on to for dear life. I am lucky that I only have acrophobia and not claustrophobia. Because 65 people on one of these cars is a lot.

(They have this replica on the terrace of Morro da Urca. This is exactly like the ones that make the journey every 20 minutes or so.)

As soon as the car was loaded and the door closed, the operator pulled a lever. The car began to leave the 'port'. In just a moment we were thrust into the bright light, hanging by a cable moving up to the first stop (Morro da Urca aka Mt. Urca). There were oohs and ahs from most of the travelers. Me not so much. I just kept my gaze straight ahead, not looking down.

The views were very impressive, scary - but beautiful, never the less. Watching another car coming down from Mt. Urca just reinforced  reality that I was hanging by a cable in a glass car. But, that was just me.  It was then I remembered a fight James Bond had on one of these cars in Moonraker.  Best not think of that now, given I'm pretty sure that cable car crashed.

Soon we were pulling into the station on Mt Urca.

We left the car, walked through the 'port' and onto the terraces of Mt. Urca. The views were splendid. 

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