Tuesday, September 24, 2019

XXXVII- People of the Amazon

XXXIII - People of the Amazon

As a personal note, I have always thought of myself as a landscape photographer. But I have also found people such interesting subjects. Not formal portraits per se, but portraits of life. However, I am very self conscious taking photographs of people. It is as if I am invading their privacy. So I had to have a little talk with myself - to accept the idea that if I take a photo from afar, not ‘invading the subject's space’ and I am careful not to be in someone's face, it was OK. 

For this trip, I promised myself that I would venture out of my comfort zone and capture the human aspects of the places I visited. 

For example, every morning Ed (our 88 year old fellow traveler) did 30 minutes of yoga. Maybe this is why he is such a fit 88 year old!

There was the older woman manning her space in the market.

On the Copacabana Beach in Rio, this lady was selling colorful wraps.

And, you just never knew what you might see on a street in Rio.

There were always the children.

And, the social moments one gets to watch.

A fellow traveler on the bow of the ship.

Villagers taking their wares to the local soccer match.


And those just walking about.

Some folks should look in the mirror before they venture out to Ipanema Beach.

An indigenous man looks from a window.

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