Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Victorian Sears Catalog of the 1900's

Since the FDA was not established until 1906, the 1900 Sears catalog could offer "Miracle Drugs". An example was Dr. Rose’s French Arsenic Complexion Wafers (which promised to "make even the ugliest person beautiful by clearing up any facial 'disfigurements' and even softening angular features…") There were also Dr. Barker’s Blood Builder, Dr. Worden’s Female Pills for Weak Women, and Dr. Rose’s Obesity Powders. Many of these 'Miracle' cures were opium based.
In 1903, Sears made a promise: "Your money back if you are not satisfied." In 1904, for the first time, wigs for African American women were available through the catalog. Actual Wallpaper samples were included in the 1905 catalog, so the buyer could see the actual color and feel the texture of the wall covering before they ordered it.

The company advertised that they had translators who could read and write in many foreign languages.

But still no Wish Book.


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